Neck Tattoos


Halsey has the lyrics “i’m a loser baby” tattooed along the left side of her neck in delicate cursive writing. This phrase was made famous by alternative singer-songwriter Beck’s 1993 hit song “Loser,” however these lyrics are also used in the 2017 song “Loser Baby” by indie band La Bouquet. She is a fan of both artists but has more of a personal relationship with La Bouquet and has actually tweeted about their song, which is more likely the direct inspiration for the tattoo. La Bouquet band member Bryan Sammis was one of the opening acts for Halsey’s American You(th) Tour with his solo project Olivver the Kid.

Halsey’s tattoo was done by artist Jon Boy at Bang Bang Tattoos in New York City in January 2017. She was accompanied by her boyfriend G-Eazy for the second time. He got an angel and devil on his arms which Halsey drew for him.


Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby has the name “Joshua” tattooed on the back of her neck for her boyfriend Joshua Ritchie. She started the Ex on the Beach star some time around December 2017 and got this tattoo in August 2018, less than a year into the relationship.

She has already laser removed tattoos for two ex-boyfriends so there were lots of critical comments when she showed off the tattoo on her instagram, but she’s got a sense of humor about things and had sassy comebacks for all of the negativity. She joked that she “chose the thin line work thinking ahead” to the inevitable laser removal but also wrote that she’s “got a good feeling about this one” and “I think 3rd times a charm.”

The removed tattoos were a fish for Stephen Bear and an initial “M” with arrows for Mitch Jenkins. “Technicallyyyyyyy this is the first boys name I’ve had on me, that’s just if were beingggggg technicallll here,” she commented.

Her Joshua tattoo was inked by artist Melina Wendlandt at her studio Vaders.Dye in Berlin, Germany using the artist’s own delicate handwriting.


Juliet Simms

Juliet Simms got her nickname “JuJu” and a rose tattooed on left the side of her neck by artist Romeo Lacoste in February 2017. She wrote on her instagram:

Thank you so much @romeolacoste for my new tattoos! Officially my new favorite ink! I can’t believe how smooth and pain free it was and the line work you did blows my mind! @andyblack and I had so much fun meeting and chatting with you and I can’t wait to get more beautiful work done by you!


Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni’s first tattoo was this ribbon bow on the back of her neck, which she got back in October 2008.  This tattoo has a very different style than her newer fine-line tattoos, and as a result she’s no longer fond of it.  In July 2016 she wrote This is my only tattoo out of my 20 that I don’t like anymore.”