Knuckle Tattoos

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea announced that her next album would be called Surviving the Summer (the name was later changed slightly to Survive the Summer) in November 2017 and in December she revealed a new tattoo of the album’s initials “STS” on her right knuckles in the same font as the album art.

These “STS” tattoos are the third time that Iggy has put an album title on her hands.  The previous two, The New Classic and Digital Distortion, were on the sides of her fingers.  In each case she got the tattoo well before the album’s release date, and for Digital Distortion the album never ended up getting released.  In an interview with 103.5 KISS FM she joked about what she might do if Survive the Summer never saw the light of day:

I have my knuckles tattooed….and they say “STS” which stands for “Survive the Summer” which is the title of my album that I’m going to put out in summer — fingers crossed, or this tattoo is going to have to get changed. It’s just going to be super awkward. Or I may have to get my other hand tattooed.

She chose the title Survive the Summer because the songs represent all of the vibes and emotions of summertime.  She told Extra:

It’s way heavier rap, a bit grimier. Aggressive, twerkable, very sexy. It’s summer! To me, if summer was personified I think that summer is hot and sexy and aggressive. And you go out with your friends and you have a good time and you have romances and crazy adventures.


Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus has three celestial symbols on her knuckles: a twinkling star on her index finger, a crescent moon on her middle finger, and a sun on her ring finger.  She loves outer space although she’s not sure why it appeals to her so much.  She told AMBY:

I love planets, that’s like my thing….I love talking about planets, and my tour manager makes fun of me and will be like ‘you’re an astronaut today,’ and will totally make fun of me for it.  So now it’s kind of turned into a joke that I just want to be an astronaut and work at NASA.

She got these first three in November 2017 and then added a heart on her pinkie in March 2018.

The heart is a Cyrus family tradition, which started when they were little kids.  Miley drew a heart on her dad Billy Ray’s hand and he liked it so much that he tattooed it to show his love for her.  When Miley was old enough, she got her own heart tattoo on her pinkie which was inspired by his.  Their mom Leticia has heart tattoos on her hand and on her pinkie finger.  Sister Brandi and brother Trace have heart tattoos as well.

While getting her heart tattoo, she also touched up the faded horseshoe on her pinkie which is a tribute to her mom.


Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus got three tattoos for three family members all at once in July 2017.  She added this horseshoe on her left pinkie finger for her mom Leticia ‘Tish’ Cyrus, who loves horseback riding, as well as “stand still” for her dad and a triforce symbol for her brother Braison.  Some people wondered why Miley had seemingly been left out without realizing that Noah already had a teardrop on her finger for Miley.

Before getting the tattoo, she talked about her plans with Huffington Post:

I want to get a horseshoe tattoo with my mom so I think we’re going to get matching tattoos. Because we love horses, that’s a big part of my life. I was riding horses for 10 years.


Jesy Nelson

Jesy Nelson got three tattoos on her right hand all at once in January 2018.  Her middle finger knuckle says “amor” which means “love” in Latin, Spanish, and Portuguese.

On her index finger and ring finger are the letters “E” and “J.”  These initials are a bit of a mystery since her boyfriend’s name is Harry James.  It doesn’t match any of her family members either — her parents and siblings all have names that start with a letter “J.”  The “J” might stand for Jesy, but we don’t know who or what the “E” represents.


Florence Welch

Florence Welch has an ampersand tattoo on her left ring finger knuckle.  This particular variation of the classic & symbol is a simplified version for common handwriting which is based upon the Greek letter epsilon Ɛ with a line through it.

We don’t know the personal meaning of this tattoo, which was first seen in November 2016.  It seems like a strange choice given that her band Florence + The Machine never uses an ampersand in their name and often uses a plus sign instead.