Niykee Heaton Tattoos

Niykee Heaton got a red ink tattoo in the memory of her sister who passed away after a long cancer fight.
“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. the rulers sneered at Him saying, “if thou be the king, save thyself”
I’ve had to forgive those who have caused me great agony & knowing that no one else could have possibly saved me, I have saved myself. I have prevailed… against all odds. These words, are for you, my angel… placed in the same spot your scars marred your belly… the transplants that scarred your precious, little body. I couldn’t save you, but I saved myself… #rip”, she captioned her tattoo Instagram post.

Niykee Heaton’s neck tattoo says “impilo entsha” which means “new life” in Zulu. She got this tattoo in December 2013 while she was visiting Cape Town, South Africa. “I got my first tattoo in South Africa when I was 14. I got my 5th and final tattoo today in South Africa,” she tweeted.

Niykee Heaton got this “BI XI VI” tattoo on her hip to commemorate her debut EP “Bad Intentions.”  She got the tattoo in January 2014 when the title track was released as a single, though the EP was not released until September 2014.  “Getting my 4th tattoo. It’s very meaningful… also happens to be the name of my EP…” she tweeted.  The letters “BI” on the tattoo are an abbreviation for the album title “Bad Intentions” while “XI” and “VI” are roman numerals for 11 and 6.  “The road to hell is paved with good intentions. But the way to the top is paved with bad ones,” she wrote.

Niykee Heaton’s shoulder tattoo says “My ambition is my weaponry” which is a line from her song “I’m Ready.” “My lyrics have become a part of me,” she says. In an instagram post she explained:

I wrote “I’m Ready” when I had just turned 18, left home, and moved to New York with LP to pursue my music. It was the first song I ever recorded in a real studio. Just me and my guitar. A shitty quality demo, that I didn’t think twice about releasing. But I knew this song was important. It set the tone for my journey, and through the obstacles I’ve faced, this song became my anthem. I released “I’m Ready” on my Soundcloud a week ago, and already; 7 people have tattooed my lyrics on their bodies. You can call me whatever you want, think of me as you please; but I create music for this reason alone. To affect people with my words, to change their day, change their lives. I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me accomplish my dream and my goal. To simply create music that serves a purpose. And even if it only affected these 7 people… that’s enough for me. Thank you, I love you.

Niykee Heaton has a silhouette of a flying eagle on the inside of her left wrist. It is a tribute to her older sister Rachel. “You will always be with me. #rip,” Niykee wrote on instagram.

Rachel was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer when she was only 3 and half years old. She had multiple liver and kidney transplants over the course of her life and died at the age of 21 while awaiting new organs. Niykee has encouraged her fans to become organ donors in order to prevent more deaths like this one.

Niykee Heaton has the words “love you” tattooed on her left ring finger in memory of her sister Rachel.  It is written in Rachel’s own handwriting, copied from a letter that she wrote to Niykee before she died.  “Never forget. You’re with me always,” writes Niykee.  “My sister’s handwriting reminds me everyday of her love.”

Niykee Heaton’s first tattoo was a Shakespeare quote on the side of her foot. It says “Thy eternal summer shall not fade.” This quote is printed on the grave her sister Rachel, who battled cancer for most of her life and died when Niykee was 12. Niykee shared a picture of the gravestone and wrote “This is the quote that I got tattooed on my foot when I was 14, in South Africa. Love you forever angel.”