Mindy White Style

Mindy White: Wildfox Bat Attack Tee ...

Mindy White Tumblr Photo

In this photo, Mindy is wearing the Wildfox Bat Attack Slasher Tee. It is available at Singer22 for $32.

Mindy White: Wildfox Hamptons T-Shirt ...

Mindy White at a Tim Burton exhibit

Mindy White Twitter/Tumblr photo

Mindy is wearing the J’Adore the Hamptons T-Shirt in Ferrari Red from Wildfox. It is available for $63 at Black Label Boutique, $77 at Karmaloop, $77 at Wildfox Couture’s Site and £69 from their UK site, or £65 at the Garment Quarter.

Mindy White: Wildfox Take A Bite Tee ...

Mindy White at Disneyland

Mindy White at Disneyland

Mindy is wearing a t-shirt from Wildfox Couture, which is the Take A Bite V Neck in Pretty in Pink. It is available for $64 at Apparel Addiction or $45 at Blue Heaven Boutique.

Mindy White: Wildfox Tee ...

Mindy White Tumblr Photo

Mindy White Tumblr Photo

Mindy is wearing the Wildfox Native Wide Tee in Heather Black, which is available for $77 at Karmaloop and Amazon, or $89 at The Trend Boutique.

Mindy White: Burberry Sunglasses ...

Mindy White shows off her new shades in a TwitPic

Mindy White bought herself a pair of Burberry Oversized Oval Sunglasses, which sell for $200 at Nordstrom. Mindy posted on her tumblr: “Gots me some Burberry Shades! Now let’s just hope my bad luck streak is gone so I don’t lose them in a matter of hours. Never had ‘spensive ones. Love em.”

Mindy White: Pacsun Photoshoot Outfit ...

Mindy White

Mindy White in a Pacsun Photoshoot

In her photoshoot for Pacsun, Mindy is wearing the Doe Love Rockets Muscle Tee, $22.50, and her shoes are the Dolce Vita Pali Wedge in tan, which are $83.50. Both are available at Pacsun.

Mindy White: TWLOHA Tank ...

Mindy White

Mindy White photographed by Jeremy Cowart for TWLOHA

Mindy is wearing the TWLOHA Black Tank Top in her To Write Love on Her Arms photoshoot. It sells for $18.

Mindy White: Young & Reckless V Neck Tee ...

Mindy White candid

Mindy White candid

PacSun sells the gray version of this for $24.50.

Mindy White: Wildfox Skull Sweater ...

Mindy White twitter/tumblr picture: "Camera experimenting <3 I love Wildfox. So much."

Mindy White wears the Wildfox Love Skull Sweater Dress in black. It sells for $216 on Wildfox’s official site, but it is currently only available in pink. You can buy the black version for $245 at The Trend Boutique.

Mindy White: Skull Hair Clip ...

Mindy White

Mindy White interview at Bamboozle

Mindy White is wearing a Sugar Skull Hair Piece handmade by Charlavail, who is the girlfriend of Blake Harnage from VersaEmerge. She is currently taking pre-orders for these clips in 3 colors through her BigCartel shop. Mindy is wearing the pink.
Sugar Skull Hair Clip


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