Mindy White Style

Mindy White: PacSun Lace Dress Outfit

Mindy White modeling for PacSun

Mindy White modeling for PacSun

Mindy White is wearing all PacSun items. Their website lists her dress as the Promises Promises V-Back Lace Dress ($28.50), but the lace print is totally different. Her dress looks more like the Star Vixen V-Back Lace New Dress ($24.50), thought the lining color is not the same. She is also wearing the With Love From CA Armor Stretch Ring ($9.50),  Black Poppy Little G Crossbody Bag ($24.50) and the MIA Quincy Cut Out Lace Wedges ($14.99).

Mindy White: Burberry Sunglasses

Mindy White shows off her new shades in a TwitPic

Mindy White bought herself a pair of Burberry Oversized Oval Sunglasses, which sell for $200 at Nordstrom. Mindy posted on her tumblr: “Gots me some Burberry Shades! Now let’s just hope my bad luck streak is gone so I don’t lose them in a matter of hours. Never had ‘spensive ones. Love em.”