Michelle Branch Style

Michelle Branch has a large tattoo on her left forearm of a pin-up style cowgirl shooting a gun.  She got the idea for the western themed tattoo while working on an album with The Wreckers, her country duo with Jessica Harp.  “The cowgirl was inspired by the making of The Wreckers album,” she wrote“Everyone thought I was crazy, but everyone thought I was crazy for doing this project. Every time I look at my arm, I remember being in the studio with Jess. It’ll always be my favorite,” she told People.

Michelle Branch wanted to do something witty and unexpected with her wrist tattoos, so she got tattoos stating the obvious — the word “Left” inked on her left wrist and “Right” on the right.  She told VOA “Most people get something really meaningful written in cursive on their wrists and I thought from far away it just looks like something meaningful, beautiful. And I have a little bit of a goofy sense of humor so I thought well it’d be funny if people ask me what it is.”

Michelle Branch got a star tattooed on her right foot in celebration of being nominated for a Grammy Award.  She earned two nominations in 2003 at the age of 19.  She and Carlos Santana won Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for their hit “The Game of Love.” She was also nominated for Best New Artist but lost to Norah Jones.

“I would get a tattoo at different career milestones—having a record go gold or platinum, stuff like that,” she told Inked Magazine. “It was so surreal. Everything on my first record happened so fast, and no one knew what to expect. To be nominated for a Grammy completely caught me off guard because I was this teen artist, and it meant that all of my peers and people I looked up to were recognizing what I was doing. It was the most flattering thing. I never dreamed of being there—I never, ever thought I’d be nominated. I wasn’t old enough to drink, so I got tattoos instead.”