Melanie Martinez Tattoos

Melanie Martinez got this tattoo of a pink gumball machine on the center of chest from her favorite artist Lauren Winzer in January 2016.  She knew that she wanted to get a gumball machine, but deliberated a lot about the placement. Rihanna‘s goddess Isis tattoo inspired her to want a tattoo in the lower chest area, which she had previously written off as uncool. In an interview with Fuse before getting it done, she explained:

I want to get a gumball machine. I’m still debating where. I think it’s cool — and I didn’t think it was cool for a long time — but I really want to get a tattoo here [pointing to her abdomen]. It’s really hardcore and I know it’s hardcore.  I’m not like Rihanna, you know?  I don’t know if I could pull that off. I’m hardly ever showing this area of my body. But I don’t know, I feel like I’m growing up and I’m going to turn 21 soon, and I might as well do something fun and — I don’t know. I might get a gumball machine here. We’ll see.

It is the only tattoo in a hidden area which she has showed off on social media, but we suspect that she has more based on the number of tattoos that she has cited in interviews.


    In January 2016, Melanie Martinez got a tattoo on her upper right arm from Lauren Winzer which features a character from surrealist artist Mark Ryden’s 2001 painting The Magic Circus.  It is a little boy wearing a mask riding a tricycle with a little flag and horn.  All of the details are red.


    Melanie Martinez’s thigh tattoos are a pair of illustrations from Japanese artist Masami Yanagida which represent the complexity of relationships. On her right leg is a naked couple with their head in a lottery wheel and on her left leg is a clothed couple with their heads in a maze. Both designs show the detachment between our minds and our bodies.  Together they show that sex is a game based on luck while relationships are a challenge.  Notably, both heads in the relationship illustration are together at the end of the maze, while in the sex illustration they are apart. Though Melanie omitted the text from her tattoo, in the original artwork the clothed man has the word “tough” on his shirt to show that relationships are difficult — but worth it to complete the challenge together.

    She got the outlines on both legs in December 2015 (seen in her music video for “Crybaby”) and had them colored in April 2016 (seen in the “Alphabet Boy” video).



    This tattoo on Melanie Martinez’s right calf is a work of art from Japanese illustrator Masami Yanagida.  It depicts a man whose body is cut into slices, with rose buds spilling out of the openings.  The writing on his midsection says “Love Love You.” Melanie got the tattoo in December 2015 and shared a photo of the original artwork. (more…)

    Melanie Martinez got this tattoo on her left calf from artist Shon Lindauer at High Seas Tattoo Parlor in Los Angeles in November 2015. It is a red wagon with a pillow and Z’s to represent the naps that she took in her own little wagon when she was a young girl. She has posted a picture of herself as a child napping in the wagon while being pulled around by an adult and she has also used a wagon as a prop in a photoshoot. Much of Melanie’s lyricism is based around childhood memories like this and the metaphors that they represent. (more…)

      Melanie Martinez has a few tattoos of drawings by Masami Yanagida, but this one on her left calf was the first.  It’s a little girl jumping in the air but her head is cut off and roses are spilling out of her neck.  The girl’s blouse says “For Joy” as a reference to the expression “jump for joy.”  Melanie went to artist Gary Royal in October 2015 who turned the drawing ink permanent body art.  They made some changes to the colors, most noticeably making the skirt pink. (more…)

      Melanie Martinez got a pair of tattoos on the back of her calves by artist Shon Lindauer in October 2015 featuring two characters from the 1936 Disney Silly Symphonies short film Elmer Elephant.  In the cartoon, Elmer picks flowers and brings them to Tillie Tiger for her birthday party.  The tattoo on Melanie’s right leg shows Elmer looking bashful after giving Tillie the bouquest.  Elmer is made fun of by the other animals for his long nose and tries to hide it in order to fit in, but Tillie is nice to him.  Elmer eventually saves the day by rescuing Tillie from her burning house using his nose as a hose. (more…)

      This tattoo of a cute little tiger cub on Melanie Martinez’s right calf goes with the elephant tattoo on her opposite leg.  The Tillie Tiger character appears in the 1936 Disney Silly Symphonies cartoon short Elmer Elephant, where she is Elmer’s love interest.  She doesn’t judge him for his long nose like the other animals.  The tattoo shows Tilling holding a bouquet a flowers which were a birthday gift from Elmer.  Melanie got both tattoos done by artist by artist Shon Lindauer at High Seas Tattoo Parlor in October 2015. (more…)

      Melanie Martinez has a tattoo of a carton of milk on the outside of her right calf.  While most of her tattoos are colorful, this one is just a black in outline with the word “MILK” written on the front.

      Her debut album Crybaby includes a song called “Milk and Cookies.” The song and video tell a story of how Crybaby escapes from being captured by a wolf by serving him poisoned milk and cookies.  She sings: “Hush, little baby, drink your spoiled milk / I’m fucking crazy, need my prescription filled / Do you like my cookies? They’re made just for you / A little bit of sugar, but lots of poison, too.”