Maggie Lindemann Tattoos

Maggie Lindemann got the word “Fear” tattooed on the back of her right wrist in Gothic-style letters in September 2017.  Artist Romeo Lacoste writes “micro old English lettering for @maggielindemann . I really love doing micro tattoos. The smaller and more detailed the better!” Maggie added “you can’t tell but this tat is super tiny and looks THIS flawless. he’s the best.”


Maggie Lindemann got this vampire-inspired “BITE ME” tattoo on the side of her middle finger in March 2017.  She told Coveteur:

My hand tattoos, like my ‘bite me’ one, are just because I love vampires. I want to get a fang tattoo, but I am just too scared to get a big artwork piece on me because I am so young still.


Maggie Lindemann XX friendship knuckle tattoo

Maggie Lindemann and her best friend Ellise got matching X X tattoos on their knuckles in January 2017. Both girls share a love of tiny hand tattoos and have other similar designs as well, such as dots and crosses.


    Maggie Lindemann has a quote in a script font on her upper back from the poem “Troll” by author Shane Koyczan. It says “turning freedom of speech into freedom of cruelty.” The poem is about how internet trolls are extremely harmful to their victims and trolling is not a game.

    On her twitter, Maggie explained that the tattoo is an anti-bullying message, writing: “freedom of cruelty meaning bullying.” She has spoken out about the seriousness of bullying as well as her own experiences:

    Sorry for getting in my feelings but when it comes to bullying it really gets to me. Bullying forever affects you. Those words never leave your head. People were so mean to me starting 5th grade. I was so desperate to be loved, people made a joke out of me. I just wanted to be loved. Someone almost burnt my house down and put plastic forks under my window and pads everywhere right after I had gotten out of treatment. I am strong now. I know my worth and I know I’m not that fragile little girl anymore. But some words really hit home. You just never know what someone has gone through. Always be kind. For anyone that has gone through bullying. I’m always here for you, it’s a real thing. It’s a scary thing

    When Maggie was going through dark times, Shane Koyczan’s poems hit home. They resonated with her so much that she’s had two of them tattooed — the first is on her armShe got this tattoo in December 2016 from her favorite artist Romeo Lacoste, who does all of his cursive tattoos in his own handwriting. “Thank you @romeolacoste for always being the best at what you do,” Maggie wrote on her Instagram.


    Four of Maggie Lindemann’s five knuckle tattoos are astronomy-related, so this dagger on her thumb seems out of place.  Maggie explained in a tweet that this tattoo isn’t connected to the others: “I’ve wanted a knife for a while but didn’t know where to put it, so I saw someone with one on their thumb and fell in love.”  She did however put dots below her nail like the tattoos on all of her other fingers.  She got this tattoo from artist Romeo Lacoste on October 16, 2016 at the same time as the star on her pinkie.  With all five fingers covered, she announced that her hand is now complete — but she’s still got room on her lower knuckles if she changes her mind!

    The knife represents Maggie’s interest in blood and gore. “I’ve always been so fascinated with horror, murders, etc. so I felt it was appropriate,” she tweeted.