Lily Collins Tattoos

Lily Collins added a new tattoo below her “Love Always and Forever” upper back tattoo during a trip to South Korea in July 2016.  The new ink, courtesy of Tattooist Doy, features a nude woman sitting on a lily pad in the fetal position. The lily pad represents her own name, Lily.

“Flashing some back for #fbf. A beautiful keepsake from an incredibly memorable Korean adventure. Thank you @tattooist_doy for adding your artistry to my personal collection. Self love is the most important kind #LoveAlwaysandForever #lilypadinbloom #KrazyinKorea…” she wrote on instagram.

This tattoo was done using thin lines and watered down ink so that appears a faint gray compared to the crisp black lines of the tattoo above it.

Lily Collins revealed a new fairy-tale-inspired tattoo on her left side at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in February 2016.  The dreamy ink shows a little fairy sitting on a crescent moon blowing dandelion seeds into the wind.

The writing next to ends with the words “fragile thing,” though there may be more text hidden below her clothing.


Lily Collins has a tattoo of a crown and angel wings on the inside of her left wrist. “My mom and I went together to get it done,” she says. “It’s a British crown, I’m British. Angel wings, my mom has an angel on her and I wanted angel wings.”

The tattoo also has her initials “LJ” for her name Lily Jane. “I wear a crown, some wings, a lil LJ, and my heart on my sleeve #whatmorecouldiaskfor #permanentreminder” she wrote on her instagram. (more…)