LIGHTS Poxleitner Style

Posted by ScarlettPirie on August 6, 2012
LIGHTS: Golden Hearts Shine Forever Crop Top

Lights pictured with her cat in her “Golden Hearts Shine Forever” Crop Top

Lights (pictured with her cat Stanley) wears a crop top from Golden Hearts Shine Forever, her husband Beau Bokan’s clothing line, in her post on Tumblr. The top was, naturally, a gift from her husband and she comments “Feeling the new shirt my Beau sent me from GHSF”. This ‘Rocker’ crop top is available from the official online GHSF store for $20.00.

Posted by Linda on April 3, 2012
LIGHTS: 2012 Juno Awards Dress

LIGHTS arriving at the 41st Juno Awards in Ottawa Canada on April 1, 2012

LIGHTS wore the Sexy Cadet Navy Dress by Stop Staring on the red carpet at Sunday night’s Juno Awards. This dress is available at Unique Vintage, JBR Clothing, and eBay for around $150 to $190. LIGHTS has a strong military influence in her everyday style, so it’s cool to see her incorporate it into a very sophisticated and mature look.

She kept up the military theme for her performance of “Raise Your Weapon” with Deadmau5, where she sang in a double-breasted pea coat with military badges.

VIDEO: Deadmau5 and LIGHTS perform “Raise Your Weapon” The 2012 Juno Awards