Kirstin Maldonado Style

Kirstin Maldonado has a vampire-inspired tattoo on the inside of her right ankle. It’s a mouth with vampire fangs and little upside hearts instead of drops of blood.

She got this tattoo as a Friday the 13th special on October 13, 2017 from artist Romeo Lacoste.

Interview with the Vampire is one of her favorite movies. In an old tweet from back in 2012, she wrote “Interview with the Vampire will forever be the best vampire movie EVER. Or just movie in general.”


Kirstin Maldonado got a tattoo of a rose on the side of her right index finger in July 2017.  It is inspired by the character Rose from the movie Titanic.

Artist Romeo Lacoste documented the process on his YouTube channel (video below).  Rather than drawing the rose on a piece of paper and transferring it to her finger, her designed the image by drawing directly on Kirstin’s finger with a marker and then going over it with his tattoo gun.  This freehand approach ensures that the tattoo fits perfectly on the body.

Romeo is known for his rose designs and Kirstin actually reached out to him on Twitter when he was looking to film a client getting tattooed. “I just had a genius idea. I should do a YouTube video of a time lapse of one of my mini freehand roses. That be sick,” he tweeted. To which Kirstin replied “I volunteer.”


Kirstin Maldonado got her sixth tattoo on her right forearm in August 2016. She made a special trip from Los Angeles to New York just to get tattooed by artist Stefano Alcantara during the United Ink expo.  “In 2012 I swore I’d never get my first big(ger) tattoo/art if it wasn’t @stefanoalcantara !!! SO HAPPYYY 💕💕” she wrote on her instagram.

Though it looks like a wolf, it is actually her dog Olaf, who is a husky.  He was named after the snowman in Frozen and has his own instagram account with hundreds of photos. Olaf is white with blue eyes, and the tattoo is done all in black and white inks except for the blue ink in his eyes.


Kirsite Maldonado’s fifth tattoo was a long quote on her left arm, just below the elbow.  It says “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return” which is a line from Nat King Cole’s song “Nature Boy.” The song has been covered by countless singers, including Kirstin’s own group Pentatonix.


Kirstin Maldonado went for tattoo number four on May 3, 2016 after playing a show in San Diego, CA.  She got a crescent moon on her right wrist, which is a matching tattoo with a friend.  Artist Hunter Urscum writes: “Tattooed multi Grammy award winning platinum artist Kirstin Maldonado of Pentatonix after her show last night. Her and her Homegirl got some cute little crescent moons. Cool chicks, yalls gotta check out her music.”

If her instagram caption “Khaleesi 🌙” is any indication, it seems that they decided on moons as a reference to the Game of Thrones book series and TV show.  The character Khal Drogo calls his wife Daenerys Targaryen (Khaleesi) “moon of my life” and she calls him “my sun and stars.”  We haven’t seen Kirstin’s friend’s tattoo, but it’s probably a sun and stars.