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Juliet Simms: Eagle Burnout Tee ...

Juliet Simms

Automatic Loveletter live at Warped Tour - July 16, 2010 by Alicia Brown

Hot Topic Eagle Burnout Raglan Tee – $26 [exact]
Eagle Burnout Raglan Tee

Juliet Simms: American Apparel Hoodie ...

Juliet Simms
photo by James Watts

American Apparel, Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie, $42 [exact]

Juliet Simms: Teal Plaid Shirt ...

Juliet Simms

Juliet Simms Winter 2009
photo by Jared Milgrim

Tilly’s, Full Tilt Roll Cuff Women’s Flannel Shirt, $19.99 [similar]

I think this is actually Urban Outfitters… in an interview she said she bought her family Plaid Flannel from Urban for Christmas 2009.

Juliet Simms: Indian Princess Look ...

Juliet Simms

Juliet Simms

Tyler Rose, Night Flight Bathing Suit Top, $82.00 [exact]

Jac Vanek, Come Together Bracelet – $10 [exact]

Jelessy Jean shorts, $85 [exact]

TourquoiseJewelry.com, Tourquoise Cuff Bracelet, $225 [similar]

Native Motif, Tourquoise, Red Coral and Karen Necklace, $130 [similar]

Juliet Simms: Retro Twiggy Look ...

Juliet Simms

Photos by Kristy Mann

Walter, Retro Floral Dress, $268 [similar]

Laundry by Shelli Segal, Vintage Flora; Chiffon Dress, $116.10 [similar]

LaVintage.com, Grey Suede Go Go Boots, $28 [similar]

Juliet made the necklace

Juliet Simms New York, NY American Rag shoot

 Shown: American Rag Black Strapless Winter Collection, which is not available yet, so here are some other options:


Juliet Simms: Leather Boots ...

Automatic Loveletter live at Warped Tour - June 26, 2010 by TheWolff

RTWFP already identified these boots in one on her posts, but since you couldn’t really see the boots in the picture, I though I’d make a new post for them.

Fiorentini + Baker 7040 Boot in Black – $545 [exact]

Juliet Simms: High Waisted Leggings ...

Juliet Simms on her knees

American Apparel, Nylon Tricot High-Waist Legging, $42 [exact]

Vintage Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) T-Shirt, $55 [similar]

Juliet Simms: Steal The Look #3 ...

Juliet Simms

James Perse, Mens Surplus Crew White Size 1, $70 [exact]

Uncle Sam’s Army Outfitters, US Army Dress Hat,  $26.96 [similar]

HUE, 2 Pairs Fishnet Stocking Green and Pink, $12.50 each [exact]

We Love Colors, Nylon Lycra Splash Color Tights $13.00 [similar]

Juliet Simms: How To Make A Halter ...

Juliet Simms of Automatic Loveletter

The shirt shown is her Religion.Punk/Garage/Electropop with hand sewn red beading to spell “Soho Kiss 75″…with 5 female Asian band member faces printed on the front.  Well… we couldn’t find that [exact] shirt so here is a lesson on how to make your own (Juliet cuts up all of her clothes):

Use your favorite crew neck band shirt from Hot Topic or The Planet Shops or vintage.  Put the shirt on and use a sharpie to draw a line on the Left and Right side from the TOP FRONT just under the crew-neck-band down in a triangle shape going from the collar bone down under the arms (making sure to keep your goodies INSIDE the triangle).

Draw these two lines to the side seem of the shirt about 3 inches below your arm pit. Take the shirt off. Now draw a straight line across the back between the two points where your front triangle lines meet the seem. Those points should line up.

Now cut on the lines all around (you’re cutting the BACK out of the shirt) but DO NOT cut the crew-neck-band.  Cut around it so it is a circle that can go over your head to keep the shirt on. If you accidentally cut it you can always sew or safety-pin shoe strings to the back crew-band ends to make a tie.  You can also make holes in the back of the shirt and thread the shoe string to criss-cross the ties across  your back.  This is how they did it in 1975 ladies.  Anyone ever heard of “Soho Kiss”?


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