Jordin Sparks Tattoos

Jordin Sparks has a tattoo just below her right breast which says “Respira,” a Latin word meaning “breathe.”

She got the tattoo after starring in the Broadway musical In the Heights. “Breathe” was the name of one of the songs that she performed in the play. She tweeted “‘Respira’=Breathe. It’s for my time on ITH, the people I met there & a reminder to take a moment when things get crazy. <3"

Jordin Sparks has a tattoo of her brother’s name “PJ” behind her left ear.  Before getting the tattoo, she revealed her plans to MSN: “I think I might get [a tattoo] when I’m 18. My mom’s is going to go with me and I’m going to get my brother’s name, P.J. It’ll be small and dainty, nothing huge or where people can see it all the time.”