Ornate Stud Earrings Piercings

Chantel Jeffries

Chantel Jeffries has a cartilage piercing on her right ear which is connected by a chain to the back of her ear. She also wears a circular barbell in her forward cartilage, a gold jeweled earring of David’s Star in her upper lobe, one tiny jeweled stud in her auricle and one jeweled earring in her ear lobe.

Chantel Jeffries

Chantel Jeffries wears a total of five piercings in her right ear: a gold Hamsa earring in her lobe, a small jeweled bar earring in her upper lobe, a tiny jeweled stud piercing in her auricle, another jeweled stud in her cartilage and a circular barbell in her forward cartilage.

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner had piercings all along her the edge of her right ear from her cartilege down to her lobe — six piercings in total — at the Variety Power of Young Hollywood Event at NeueHouse in Los Angeles, California on Tuesday August 16, 2016.