Jaime King Tattoos

Jamie King gets a new ink on her body at the West Hollywood based tattoo parlor.
“You always call me when I’ve given all my love away, I find your ocean in its place, by loving you I find your grace”, Jaime’s tattoo read, which was placed along her rib cage. The two lines script are the lyrics are of Jsu Garcia’s song, The Master Calls.

She wrote on her instagram “For you JR. There is no one else I’d rather have do this piece. Thank you for your beauty and talent @dr_woo_ssc xx”

Jaime King has a tattoo on the side of her right hand which says “I am love.”

The tattoo has a hidden religious meaning.  She first tattooed “Jesus” on the side of her hand in thin letters before covering it up with “I am love.”  It seems to symbolize that Jesus’s love is under everything.  Not to be forgotten, she then tattooed Jesus’ name on the side of her finger.

Check out more photos of her original tattoo and the cover-up below: