Hayley Williams Short Bright Orange Hair

As soon as Paramore returned from their European tour in December 2009, Hayley cut her hair short and dyed it red. This is the shortest that we’ve ever seen Hayley’s hair, and while they are a few layers in the front, it’s more of a blunt cut than she usually has.

The red color didn’t hold well in her previously bleach blonde hair, and in the photos from the People’s Choice Awards and her radio station visits, the color is very uneven. It’s mostly orange, but there is a pinkish hue to it that her previous orange colors never had.

Her hair looks freshly dyed orange in the photos from the Grammy Awards and the Honda Civic Tour, and she’s also switched her part from her left side to her right. The color is lightest in the short bangs in front of her part, which becomes more obvious as it fades.

Timeline: December 2009 – February 2010

Preceded by: Bleach Blonde Hair

Followed by: Faded Orange Hair

Photos (click to enlarge)

note: this page is a re-done version of the old “Short Red/Orange Hair” page. I have left all of the old comments in place.


  1. Colleen says:

    I had my hair in this cut for the longest time! So annoying. It’s finally a normal length and I can do stuff with it.

  2. Caleb says:

    I did my hair this exact color. You have to bleach first and then use Special Effects-Napalm Orange. It lasts months if you only shampoo once or twice a week and just wash everyday with conditioner. Use Aussie 3-Minute Miracle. Hardly takes the color out and makes your bleached hair feel great! It slowly fades out to Hayley’s other oranges :)

  3. hanna says:

    She is so gorgeous I love all the hairstyles!!!she is amazing inside to out!

  4. MissMisery says:

    Hey, guys.

    I’ve got a question:

    Do you get this hair color if you use “Manic Panic Electric Lava” or “Manic Panic Wildfire”?

    It would be really great, if you answer.



  5. Briana says:

    Do anyone have a tutorial for how to curl her hair like in row 1, picture 2

    I really wanna do that to my hair for homecoming this Oct. 1st

    Pleeeease and thank you (:

  6. anonymous says:

    i love this color it really brings out her eyes!!!!!:) <3

  7. Florence says:

    is her natural hair straight or more wavy, like in the first picture?

  8. Paramore Luver! says:


  9. ALEX riot! says:

    omg i just dyed my hair almost this exact shade!! haha =P awesome!!

  10. Dany says:

    She looked like…Franka Potente in “Run Lola Run” with this haircut, didn’t she? The haircut is quite similar except for the side of the bangs and the original haircut is even more layered, and in the most reddish hair pictures is even more similar. Cool :)

  11. Victoriaaaaaa says:

    I’m getting my hair cut like this next week or so :3

  12. Crazy Parawhore says:

    This is my favorite from all! <3 i got my hair cut like hers two years ago biggest mistake ever since my hair is curly :P but now its long again, lmao

  13. Sanae says:

    I just cut my hair and its kinda like this but a little longer. :)

  14. Lisa says:

    Pleaaaae help me guys.

    Does anyone know what kind of hair dye she used for this color? I know she uses Pravana, but I can’t seem to find any Pravana products that have this color!

    She doesn’t use Manic Panic.

    I need an orange dye that is just as bright as the first picture and very long-lasting. I reaaaally need help.. Anyone?

    • Kirby says:

      Use stargazer foxy red, it will be bright red for a couple of washes then goes REALLY bright orange, i had that ‘problem’ but then liked the orange after :)

  15. Nabila says:

    after a long long LONG! time of hesitation , i did the same haircut and i’m really satisfied :) i love it ! haha ! i think hayley looks great with this one the color is stunning too :)

  16. Olive says:

    I think that this is the best for her. Anyway, she is so pretty no matter wich color she take.

    I love Paramore, it’s my favourite group :D


  17. Lisa says:

    This is probably my favorite color hair she’s had. Seriously, the first photo: I WANT THAT COLOR SO BADLY <3

  18. Amanda says:

    hey does anyone kno what brand and color i could use to get a haircolor like the last picture? i love it and want it :D

  19. Sophie says:

    This is sooooo pretty, she looks so classy in some of those pics, and grown-up and mature too! Yet she still manages to look fun and playful ;) I wish I could pull this off ;) xoxoxox

  20. bethany says:

    i love the very last one

  21. Jessy says:

    I love all of Hayley’s hair colors, I just hope she’s not bald when she’s a little old lady. Or a red haired little old lady.

  22. anna says:

    gosshhh! i wish a was withe, so i can pull of this color! but no i’m a brunette, so…. im sticking with the red and blonde lol

  23. Eliz says:

    3rd row 6th pic is my fav out of all of them! She looks so grown up! Luv u Hayley

  24. Madeline. says:

    My God, she is gorgeous! <33

  25. bethy says:

    second row, third picture, how the hell does she get her hair like that? i think it looks amazing but i can’t work out what she does. my hair is almost exactly the same as this, maybe like 2cm longer?

    i really like her hair like this btw, it was a nice change. long hair looks beautiful on her but i really like short hair too. who am i kidding, she could pull ANYTHING off!

  26. steph says:

    I think this is such a lovely hair colour and cut. I think is one of the best styles she has had, i want this hair!!!!!!!!

  27. Brenda says:

    Are there anymore pics with her bangs not clipped up (like 3rd row last pic and last row, last pic but in an angle where they show more?) Cause I want to get them like that and I want to show the lady at the hair salon a pic.:)

  28. ashley_rose says:

    i really love the first photo! the color looks so beautiful against here skin! i wish she would re-dye it like that,but longer length.

  29. emm says:

    i really want to get my hair cut like this, but i’m in a musical that takes place in the 80s and they didn’t really have short hair back then, so if i do cut my hair, then it has to be were it will grow out by the time the show is, but i really want this cut, so i have to wait three months..

    i swear the day after our last performance i’ll get it cut lol

  30. emm says:

    i think she had to cut it, bc her hair was so fried

  31. Cass says:

    IT LOOKS PUMPKIN-Y =3 I really like this colour ^-^

  32. emm says:

    it’s too short but i like the color

  33. Amanda says:

    I lovee itt! The hair colour and the haircut. The haircut is a little short but it still looks awesome on her! She is my role model!!

  34. crysta says:

    in the second picture at the top she looks really grownup!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Hannah says:

    @nudge i totally agree with you. some people think that what they say will change her mind but the truth is that it’s her hair and if you don’t like it seriously, don’t look at it.

  36. Kirsten says:

    It almost looks like Nicki Minaj’s hair color

  37. MEL says:

    I didn’t like it that much for the PCAs but for the Grammys I think she looked soooooooooo pretty.

  38. Izzy says:

    Actually I think this looks really good on her, espesh the way it makes her face look more angular, which looks good on rockers like her. Loved the blonde, loved the orange, love this. :)

  39. jhenne says:

    her teeth in the photos are blurred! calm down sheesh! and theres nothing wrong with wanting straight teeth :) i personally LOVE this look <3

  40. colors says:


  41. Jemmh says:

    First I didn’t like this haircut, but now I almost love this !

  42. Evey says:

    I love this colour and the style. I think the length flatters her greatly; It’s sophisticated and edgy. <3

  43. Turkeyday says:


    This is such an awesome website but they definately need a new page cuz she has a different color now. it’s a different cut too.

  44. jacinda acevedo says:

    the 6th picture is soo gorgeous<3

  45. Tara~ =] says:

    @Anonymous her gap is still there. =P you just can’t tell at certain angles. look at the 2nd row 2nd pic. You can see it in that picture.

  46. lilly says:

    i love it. i just don’t liek it when she straightens it i like it when she leaves it a bit wavy,llike the peoples choice awards.

  47. Anonymous says:

    is she wearing those teeth things that keep your teeth straight? the alternative to braces? isnt she proud to have that thing every one loves about her? i guess her gap is gone.

  48. Katie says:

    I love the colour, the style looks very chic which isnt her usual. I think its going to take s bit of getting used to as she has always had longer hair which in my opinion suited her better.

  49. Rinnie. says:

    Ok, i’ve got this colour of hair . maybe a little less bright.^^ and the haircut looks cool on her :)

  50. miarface[: says:

    it’s that cherry red again :D brilliant on her

    but the style is kind of eh, it’s very vintage and kind of… curly? I think it would look better dead straight, like all razored but when its all curly it looks really… girly /:

    I think it was much better longer

  51. OhhhHaiiiNoelleee says:

    hayley looks like brittany murphy in the 7th pic =]

  52. Olivia says:

    I love Hayley’s hair like this! Even though she only cut it because of all the bleaching most likely, I love how short she got it. Its new, and I think it suits her. (:

  53. Kirsten says:

    @ Jennifer: Ur from Germany also?? Me 2!! I just moved here 2 the USA when i was 4 and need 2 go back 2 Germany pronto!

  54. jennifer says:

    *DYEING. sorry, I’m from germany haha

  55. jennifer says:

    I think she cut it cause the dying all time really stresses the hair. anyway it’s no big deal, why shouldn’t she cut it a bit shorter? I liked the cut and the color

  56. Kirsten says:

    @ Nudge: Gosh don’t b so rude! We have our own likes and dislikes about Hayley’s hair! Some ppl like this and other ppl don’t, cuz u like it, u could of just said that! we just think it’s 2 short, that’s all we said! gosh!!!

  57. Amber says:

    I loooove this hairstyle! but i like the one featured in kerrang lately her hair looks AWESOME there!

  58. turkeyday says:


  59. Cassie says:

    Her hair is totally different now, and it’s not just from fading. Trust me iv had bright red hair for about a year and when it fades it doesn’t turn that colour. We need a new page, please!!

  60. Layla says:

    love the color and cut on her. her hair does seem a little unhealthy though. she should stop dyeing for a while.

  61. Rhi says:

    I think this style makes her look quite old.

    Like she’s in her 30/40’s.

    Still pretty though.

  62. Kirsten says:

    The only thing i dont like is how short it is, my hair was this short and ppl at my skool said i looked like a boi.

  63. kendall says:

    okay, she is not balding. Her hair is just like that from being up and she took it down and it was messed up. lots of ppl’s hair is like that. mine is. i love the color. i want it. lol :P i can’t wait till she grows it out :)

    hayley tweeted that she was glad to have this cut because blonde just sucked all the hayley out of her. lol.

  64. Kayleigh says:

    Her hair has grew on me now :)

  65. Izabelle says:

    this is my favourite

  66. CRYSTA says:


  67. Amy says:

    Yeah, it’s def a new colour. I know red and orange hair dye and this isn;t a fade.


  68. EevieCakes says:

    i love her hair this way =)

    i think she rocks any hair style or colour cause shes so confidant and stunning

  69. Georgie says:

    the thing is, she’s bleached her hair. bleach ruins your hair – trust me. it happened to me and i had to cut my hair to that length and at the minute i hate it. she’s probably just cut her hair to give her hair a chance to rebuild itself and get healthy, like i’m doing now :)

    besides, i like it when it’s waved.

  70. GinaB says:

    Put a new color page up!!!!!:D

  71. sarah says:

    i like the color but personally i think her cut is way to short and i think her bangs look a little sloppy

  72. CRYSTA says:

    yeah her bangs are all orangish it should be added

  73. Noxxie says:

    I love her hair like this!!! Mine is the same style but bright purple and it looks totally awesome but hers looks waaay better!!! <3

  74. sophie says:

    I love her hair short! Hayley’s cute, and this just makes her cuter (: and haven’t you guys gotten used to her changing her hair colour all the time? She’s famous, she can afford to get her hair treated and kept healthy! I’m getting mine cut and coloured like this tomorrow :D

  75. Anonymous says:

    ey she just changed her hair color when they played live in Manila!!! it’s more of a yellow orangE!!!

  76. Ryleigh says:

    yeah we need an updated hair colour page

  77. Amy says:

    yeahk, ad the new colour.

  78. mittanauha93 says:

    you should add that new orange-yellow color!

  79. shauna says:

    infact, I have the exact same haircut. xD


  80. shauna says:

    I love it. ;) and her. (:

  81. buigbuang says:

    hmm.. well i like the colourrr (:

    (i wonder if her hair gets damaged by so much dye)

    but she looks so old in the haircut and in that makeupp ):

    i liked her before. like the pressure redd. now shes sooo differenttt

  82. Joey says:

    She’s always tomboyish, no matter what her hair is like…that’s just who she is. I love every hairstyle she’s had. The only one that was a bit off was when she had the extensions…that was bad…

  83. Skye rose. says:

    I love hayley with short hair, it looks so much more, tomboyish? but it looks so much nicer than the blonde hair!

    I love this colour, its lovely :)

  84. Maekayla says:

    I love her hair like that its soo cute!!

  85. SarahR says:


  86. Caroline says:

    Add her new orange-y hair color guys!

  87. Mallory says:


    i couldn’t find a pic in the car, but here is a very clear shot,



  88. Tumeka says:

    This is perfect for her.

  89. Sarah says:

    Does anyone know where the third image is from??

    The one where it looks like shes in a car..

  90. sophie :) says:

    i think her hair looks amazing in this style, i love the cut and the colour, she looks great no matter what hair style she has

  91. Amy says:

    I saw Paramore play yesterday at Soundwave (Australian music festival), and my god, the most pit was painful, I have been to my fair shair of gigs and that was hectic. Even the band HIMs pit wasn’t that bad. Hayley now has a new hair colour, http://www.soundwavefestival.com/page/gallery

    It’s rather nice.

  92. LayLay says:

    guys i just have to say something to all of yall that are saying shes balding….she most likely isnt! her hair is probably just greasy. my hair looks like that when it needs to be washed too. thats what happens when you have thin hair like she does. i would know. speaking of i should probably take a shower tonight….on another note. i love her new hair style and color! i think she looks good in whatever….so ya…. <3 Paramore! :)

  93. ilovejoshfarro says:

    oops, i mean as it grew on ME, not my


  94. ilovejoshfarro says:

    aww, ppl, dont be mean. hayls looks gorgeous with whatever hair she has!

    huh. i used to not like it as well as the others, but now, as it grew on my, i think its the best she’s ever had! :D imma get it cut and colored like hers in The Only Exception :)

    i also agree w/ colors :)

  95. Vicky says:

    Yeah it looks better in the new video, I think she has got some bright orange at the front now too :)

  96. Cassie says:

    I agree with @ colors

  97. colors says:

    you should add some stills from the “only exception” video, especially from the part where she is in “her” room putting the picture on her mirror. It is clear that she cut her bangs in the similar style she had back in 07.

  98. Clarah says:

    It feels like im the only one that love har hair! i love the short hair and bright red will always be hayleys thing and she cant change it by colouring her hair to blonde . . . blonde is to original!!! it isnt that much people that colour their hair bright red and cuts half of their hair at the same time!!! I love u hayles!!!

  99. Cassie says:

    Do you guys know how to style hair like the first row

  100. MEGAN says:

    Her hair looks gorgeous whatever she does with it!

  101. Marissa says:

    i personally LOVE her hair like this its sooo cute!!!!y do people hav to hate though people said when she was a blonde that she needs to go back to red now thats shes back to a orange (which is awsome) people have to complain bacause its to short its cuz her hair was damaged cuz she dyes it a lot having red hair damages ur hair i should know i have it…..anyways hayleys amazing and she should hav her hair however she wants she cant please everyone!!!!

  102. Sophie says:

    did anyone notise for the peoples choice awards she changed her parting side but then put it back it looks better now she put it back

  103. Anonymous says:

    would you mind postin some pics of her at the grammy’s? i think her hair looks AMAZING like that.

  104. Amber says:

    Color is awesome, but she looks strange with short hair. She should stick with long.

  105. Marie says:

    OMG the second picture in on the top row she really reminds me of ashley simpson.. i dunno why…colour looks great, just abit too short.. oh well she’s wicked anyway…loves her ! x

  106. Anonymous says:

    i wish she would go back to red and i wish her hair grows back! miss it! :((

    and i wish her bangs grow much thicker.

  107. Maria says:

    I love this cut, and i think this colour suits her better than the blond! hayley is a person who manages to look pretty all the time!

  108. Sookie says:

    I think the style makes her look very grown up, it suits her. I love the color also.

  109. Cherl-lynn says:

    I thinkk her hair is just PERFECT! The short style totally fits herr :)

  110. sophie says:

    also it looks sorta classy

  111. sophie says:

    omg at last she’s gone back to red hayleys back lol :P and yeh leave her alone

  112. CRYSTA says:


  113. Alice Cullen says:

    Aw! Don’t insult her…that’s mean.

  114. catharine says:

    tbh hayley can do whatever she wants.

    i love this cut!! it looks great on her :D

    kinda wish she’d kept the blonde though :/

  115. Aimee says:

    @Bells- I lol’d. :3

  116. Camelia says:

    it’ll be better if she had them in choppy layers :) , nice colour, I am so inlove with it. Hayley looks good in everything :)

  117. Bells says:

    She reminds me Alice Cullen :)

  118. Maya says:

    The haircut, I think, makes her look very glam. ;)

  119. mau says:

    the hair color is not the same with previous oranges she has, it looked dead, but it suits her. :D

  120. Ryleigh says:

    I think she suits shoulder length hair much better, I am happy she has red hair again though!

  121. Gracie says:

    Plz reply how do u do 2ns pic first row????!

  122. Nikki says:

    I didnt know she had this style its nice when did she have this one then

  123. chelsie says:

    hayleys hair looks so cute and fun…..SHORT hair ROCKS AND SO DOES THE COLORS RED AND ORANGE!!!!!!

  124. Izzi says:

    couldn’t believe it when she had her hair cut, I have exactly the same hair except the colour! Mines natural, brown/blonde. Wish I could dye my hair :(

  125. kimmie says:

    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Okay, so my hair used to be red and long like hayleys was before, and everyone siad “ooo you look like hayley williams!!” which i liked at first but after an entire year it got irritating, so i cut all my hair off LIKE THIS. so now it looks like i’m trying to be her!!! grrrr

    but i must say, i do like this cut on her unstraightened or curled or whatever shes done or not done iin the first few photos. and i LOVE the colour :D

  126. Mel says:

    I think we’re all used to Hayley with long blonde hair. Now that she brought it back to redish hair, we have a problem with it. We may not like it but it works for Hayley. Like she said, blonde was too boring for her. Let Hayley do what she wants :)

  127. Nudge says:

    ugh! People! i gave up reading your comments because i am sick of people complaining about her hair. It’s not your hair! It’s hers, she can do what she wants so just please. please stop moaning about it, if you don’t like it then you don’t have to look at it. seriously. my opinion-not that it actually matters cos it’s down to Hayley how she has her hair-my opinion is that she looks awesome no matter what, i think it’s awesome she’s trying out short hair, it’s different that’s what she does…

  128. lacey says:

    poor thing she’s balding :/ she needs 2 stop dying it so muchhhhh! <3 love u hayley.

  129. Aimee says:

    I like it. I can see why people don’t, because it’s really diferent length wise.

  130. Shaz says:

    It looks gorgeous! the shorter style makes her look older (in a good way!) FAB!!

  131. Christi xx says:

    love the color <33 xx but i think it's too short :/ too bad, but it's cool that she's taking the chance (; but now she can't headband :p xD just kiddin' i like the haircolor though :D

  132. Cassie says:

    Hmmm… The roots are almost black! But I like the red color

  133. Chelsea says:

    I absolutely love it!! I know not people are keen on the cut but I like it’s gorgeous on her. I had it like that myself years ago.

    Good to see the orange/red make it’s comeback too!!


  134. jules says:


  135. Shannon says:

    I LOVE this xD

  136. Dana says:

    I think it’s totally cute. It makes her looks so much more sophistocated. It’s not too short at all, plus, like a lot of you have said, her ends were probably SO dead that she needed a haircut to keep it healthy. Good Job Hayles!

  137. SarahR says:

    I agree withJenny she is definatly thinning…As much as i love Hayley, her hair is awesome she should lay off it for a while we will still love her!

  138. Jenny says:

    Why do she look 5 years older! The length is cute maybe it be better if it was straight not curly. Also the bang should be on her normal side =)

  139. Jenny says:

    I feel sorry for Hayley’s hair..i mean its going through a lot dyeing and bleaching its under so much stress, if she continues she might start shedding or even balding!. her hair will eventually turn pink because she prob rinsed the red over the blonde for less damage. I think she should go back to auburn and leave her hair for a while.

  140. underoath says:

    im sick of people saying its too short. she had to cut it short her hair was dead. and plus it looks cute and its her hair.

  141. xeeno says:

    too short and curl.its weird..makes her look like 40 years old woman.

  142. Stacey Deanne says:

    I love all hayleys hair styles and hair colours there just so weird and extraordinary soo hayley! lol bt im nt sure im liking the hair length it dosent suite hayley but i love the colour but on the plus side the hair style makes hayley look older rofl

  143. Duckie says:

    This is to all that said its too short. Like Hayley is cutting her hair for you, she wanted to cut it so she cut it.

  144. Makrina says:

    I think Hayley’s beautiful no matter what she does, of course :) And I’m sure her hair will grow back pretty fast.

  145. megan says:

    i actually really love this new haircut and hair color(: it looks gorgeous on her!

  146. Kallen says:

    I’m so glad they won at the People’s Choice Awards. I really like this hair.

  147. GoreCandy_x says:

    I Love This. She Can Actually Look Amazing In Any Style. The Shorter Hair Makes Her Look More Grown Up And The Colour Is Gorgeous. Lovin’ It. (:

  148. tanya says:

    should make an article of the eyebrows really love hayley

  149. Ashley says:

    @kayleigh: there is no “boy side” or “girl side” on the side you part your hair LOL. that’s just weird. and she still does have layers, just not as much. :|

  150. Loren says:

    I like the cut i just dont like it curley i like straight

  151. kate says:

    well, i dont care about the lenght of her hair, im just happy that the red color is back :D and the hair will grow back quickly, so thats not an issue at all :)

  152. kayleigh says:

    OMG! yeah she has switched the side her fringe is on! It’s on the boys side now and i am not loving the short cut on her i don’t like it much, she suits long choppy layered hair with an amazing fringe but if she had kept her old style and done this colour it would have looked gorgeous!

  153. haley says:

    the gaps still there! hahahaha. really not digging the short hair!

  154. daisy says:

    i think its cute kinda short but cute

  155. Anonymous says:

    does anyone else notice she’s switched the part of her hair to the other side?

    …i miss the right-sided part. :( haha.

  156. Sophie says:

    I actually LOVE this cut and colour, <3

  157. mittanauha93 says:

    WHERE’S THE GAP?!?:(

  158. Micki says:

    The last photo is adorable :]

    This cut suits her well. I’m glad she got bored of the blonde and went back to red/orange. The blonde wasn’t very Hayley like

  159. Halle says:

    i like it! i think it’s a bit too short but the color is great.

  160. Liana says:

    oh no! she cut off half her hair! I LOVE the color though!

  161. megan says:

    this makes her look a lot older, i like it!

    love the last picture, ahaa

  162. Bianca(hungary) says:

    I think Hayley hy blond hair was better.


  163. Ashley says:

    i LOVE her hair like this. shorter hair suits her so well, much better than her long blonde hair :D


  164. Anonymous says:

    I think Hayley hy blond hair was better.

  165. Melissa says:

    I really like the colour, and the style too. it’s something diffrent than what we’re used to see. thats the problem.

  166. Bailey says:

    The gap isn’t gone. It’s just the angle. My teeth are exactly like hers, and if you look at them from a certain angle, they look perfectly straight.

    As for her hair, this is adorable!

  167. Hayley says:

    i like this hair….. but i thought she said she wasn’t going Red again? x

  168. Alexis says:

    This has nothing to do with hair but I think that her teeth are staiter

  169. Paramore_Crazy says:

    love everything about it!!! She can rock anything.

  170. BeckieRiot! says:

    I think her teeth are more straighter now :(

  171. Sammie says:

    I love it! The colour is ah-mazing… I prefer it when its more orangey :) Its gonna be like the blonde, first people dont like it, then it’ll grow on them! I personally love it!

  172. Kaydee says:

    I don’t know why people don’t think she suits the cut – she does suit it! And the colour is fab!

  173. Cassie says:

    It’s too short, and red on top of blonde never looks good. Then it turns pink. I can live with the short stlye, but I hope it doesn’t turn pink!

  174. Tara~ =] says:

    @AmiiCRUSH if you look in the 2nd pic 2nd row you can see the gap xD lol

  175. Tara~ =] says:

    I think it’s cute. She says she had to cut it because it was all dead. Regardless, it’ll grow out again…And I think it looks cute short too. I like the color also =D

  176. AmiiCRUSH says:

    Where did hayleys Gap go!?

    Also, i love her hair like this, the wavy pics are so beautiful and sophisticated!


  177. BeckieRiot! says:

    No offence what so ever i freakin’ love her! But!….Is she thinning in the first picture sencond row, it may be just the wind though! :S x

  178. Alex says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! But I think its just a too bit short

  179. str says:

    I get it why she cut it short i mean she bleached it for the blonde and her hair was probly dead…..

    Loving the hair-color :D

  180. Linnea says:

    I think the colour is just great, but the hair cut is too short…I think. But its new, and thats good ;)

  181. Phoebe says:

    i quite like the colour, but i dont think the style suites her.. its too short!

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