Hayley Williams Purple / Black Hair

Hayley’s purple hair is both the most drastically different and the shortest-lived of her many hair colors, making it’s only public appearances at Z100’s Jingle Ball and KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas in December 2008.

Hayley’s bangs are still a bright red, but the rest of her hair is a very dark shade of purple that often looks black. It looks most purple under stage lights.

Photos (click to enlarge)


  1. this isn’t purple!! it’s dark RED!! check out the performance pictures, it’s clearly a red shade, and it’s not the lightning, it’s actually red, not purple. I myself thought it was purple for a while but Hayley doesn’t really change her shade of red often except when she went blonde, or pink, but she always went back to red.

  2. HER SHORT BANGS ARE AWFUL WHY DOES SHE KEEP DOING THIS TO ME?! and she should stick to red. oh my god i wish she would never get straight bangs again.

  3. I hate how everyone says it’s black. IT”S PURPLE! It only looks black because of lighting and purple always makes your hair look black. Trust me my sister did that and it looked purple.

  4. Hayley just died her hair purple again. It looks awesome!! :D could you post it please??? thank you! :D

  5. I really like the picture 2nd row 3rd picture…. she looks pretty …. I LOVE HER SOOOOOO MUCH …. shes amazin’ lol =)

    & i have my hair like her color but i have it long i wanna cut it like hers lol….

  6. I have to say, short bangs arent my thing, they always look like the hairdresser accidentally cut too much off :/ And I have to say that purple isnt her best colour, but I love it in the 5th pic 2nd row xoxoxox

  7. i think it would’ve looked a little better if the bangs were longer and maybe a darker color… but i still love the colors!!!! PURPLE!!!! :)

  8. i really like her hair color here. i like it that it looks more purple in the light, but too bad it did not look like that when it was not. also for my taste, her bangs are too short.

  9. one day she should dye her hair a dark brown. I wonder what it would look like.. Ive never seen hayley with a natural hair color, only red yellow orange etc…

  10. i like the colour but it would be way better if it was all the same without the red fringe, and if the fringe was a bit longer. still coll though

  11. I actually think that the color looks really pretty on the 3rd row, 4th pic. I think that it brings out her eyes…

  12. I love Hayler, ands especially her beautiful hair, but I don’t really care for how the contrast of the bangs and the purple.

  13. although its very different to her other colour choices, i actually like it. its original, and unique. Though it would look alot better with her fringe longer =/

  14. I didnt know she ever had this. I’m like in love with hayley but this hair is a disappointment for me…

  15. i acctually like this color, but because of her bangs i prefer it when it’s in a ponytail. i can’t really explain it.=P

  16. Well, didn’t she say that it was supposed to turn out *black* and red? I am pretty sure I remember her saying that in one of their videos. So then the purple was actually just an accident?

  17. I dyed my hair purple again! My bff Areil tried 2 kill me though….. she says i look like a anime gurl. i told her ‘Ur on drugs if u hate this gurl!’

  18. I LOVE the purple color….and the red, for that fact. But, i think her bangs are too short. I think it would have looked nice if her bangs were longer, like in her other haircuts.

  19. @lolla: whatever, if you think her bangs r 2 short, u should see what my friend’s sister did 2 mine. she chopped all of my bangs and i look soooooooo bad.

  20. I luv this hair coulor!!! But i almost got myself kicked out of skool cuz i came with this coulor and once again my idiot teacher (why the hell did my skool hire her??) said ‘Why the heck is ur hair this coulor? U do know you look soooooo dumb!’

  21. i actually kinda like her hair with the blue bangs. idk y. but shes def my inspiration especialy her cherry red nd her yellow nd red.

  22. eh i like the whole purple hair idea but i think she should have done a lighter purple so her hair didnt look like black when it wasnt in the light, also i think her bangs look really good with her hair

  23. When I met Paramore, my hair were exactly that color, only the fringe longer and orange, not red. Hayley told me she liked it a lot and I was so happy. :)

    Then, the next december, she did the same and I was like… woooh, did I influence my favorite singer in the world?

  24. I actually really like it. The bangs r too short but i love the color. And i think she only died it for that appearance only. Not sure though. =]

  25. This isnt my favorite colour on Hayley but i still think it suits her. I dont really like the short bangs though, they dont suit her :( Shes still Awesome XD

  26. Her hair is cool I have acc. only just seen these pictures after only just dying my hair a similar shade of purple. But i am glad she got rid of the purple it doesnt really suit.

  27. I think the purple hairstyle would look better on her if she had her long, choppy bangs. I actually kind of like the purple… 2nd picture of the 2nd row… Herbangs were so short! :/ Glad she dyed her hair back to red. :)

  28. oh dear… i really dont like this!

    i mean the colours are okay…

    she should have gone for a side fringe rather than a solid fringe, and i hate the length of it!

    It’s wayyy too short and jagged cut..

    i love Hayley, but tbh, this was a mistake!


  29. She doesn’t dye her hair for her fans. If she were to do that, she wouldn’t be blonde right now. I’m pretty sure it’s because SHE thinks it looks cool and thats all that matters.

  30. I honestly don’t really like this hair color.I’ve loved all her colors until now.but this just doesn’t fit her very well.

  31. I love every single hair color on her. I don’t know why.

    Well damn, she could go bald and I’d still love her “hair”.. stubble… whatever haha, sounds kind of creepy… :S

  32. i love it! it suits her BECAUSE she has a very light skin, so it brings out the contrast. but i didnt like the short bangs, and the 2 colors togheter ( i mean when the 2nd color is only on the bangs. the orange yellow mix is awesome cause its not only her bangs)

  33. Not my favorite, I think this colour is a bit too dark for her very light complexion. It looks very vampire like or something, it does not suit her whatsoever.

  34. I didnt really like this look on her, the color and super short bangs. Wut i luv bout hayley is her hair color always blends but the 2 colors kinda just stick out. But i luv her originality! Paramore 4 ever <3

  35. I would like this look a lot better if her bangs were longer.

    The short bangs make the top of her head look narrower… and because she has a lot of jaw and cheek, and not so much forehead… it just really makes her whole face look a bit like an egg.

    I’m definitely in favor of the long bangs. Much more flattering.

    The color is cool, though.

  36. well,i~think~she~dyed~it~black,because~sometimes~if~you~dye



  37. I like this one as i actually like every hayleys haircolors and styles. But do you think you should make a section of hayleys current haircolor ?

  38. I really like this, I’m sure it was just a phase for Hayley because it quickly disappeared. I love her hair now. It suits her.

  39. i dont realy like this, its not hayley at all but right now does she have orange, because its orange on the new album (brand new eyes) and my new poster :)

  40. Spongebob, what ever! I love all her ideas and because shes trying new things aint bad you know!!! Still love you Hayley! =D

  41. I don’t really care for this on her.

    But i mean… she might be running out of ideas for hair colours. She’s dyed her hair so many times but wants to continue surprising her fans with fresh ideas.

    I just personally like red better.

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