Hayley Williams Crested Bangs

Around the time Riot was released, Hayley wore her hair in this crested look for a few different photoshoots. This look requires having long bangs or short pieces of hair in the front. The key to getting style is using lots of pomade or other styling product. It’s not very practical as a hairstyle to wear all day since even the best hair products will eventually succumb to gravity, which is why Hayley only wore this hairstyle for photoshoots and not for concerts.

Photos (click to enlarge)


  1. This is the only thing I’ve tried to do with my hair and can’t make it right. It’s really hard to actually pull it off! haha

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  3. this is sort of what i do to my hair just more spikey-ish! i do the hair metal hair stuff! like andy six,jinxx,jake pitts,christian coma,ashley purdy,and sandra alvarenga! i do my hair like andy or sandras the most!

  4. I like 4 7 and 8. the more natural looking ones are best to me definitely not 5 or 3. These must be sooo hard to do…. :P I love picture 4. That’s my favorite hayley riot stage. :)

  5. I cut my hair like hers, and I’m having trouble making it stay up without wax… and sometimes it reminds me of a mullet XD

  6. I love ‘em. If only I had bangs. But, alas, mine are grown out, and I will NOT go through with growing them out again.

  7. i <3 crested bangs! one day i woke up and looked in the mirror to find i had crested bangs, then i screamed yes and right at that moment they fell. xD

  8. I recently found out how to do this from YouTube.

    1. Tease w/ fine tooth comb

    2. flat iron bangs and the rest of the hair, you don’t have to use hairspray

    3. comb out everything except the bangs

    4. Fix if needed

    If you have side bangs also, you need to pull your hair up and clip the bangs with pins to keep it in place. I had a problem with it b/c of my side bangs, but I worked it out. It is a bit hard with thick hair.

    • thats sort of how to do hair metal hair! im a hair metal girl and i have so any different ways of doing my hair and this is sort of the way i do mine!


  10. Love the bangs in the very last pic. those are more practical, and you can have them without people looking at you like, “what the hell???”

  11. Luv the bangs. i could do this but my friend’s sister chopped off my bangs…… so 4 revenge i chopped off her long hair…… Hayely looks so pretty.

    • Hey idk if you figured this out by now judging on the fact that your comment was pretty old but you just need a short layer of bangs on top and spray em up or use wax and it works :D

    • Its really not that hard. you just like tease your bangs outward not up, and use hairspray:) i have bangs like hers

  12. I got my mum to do this for me. just cut layers into your fringe and back comb it then spray the seperate layers with got 2 b glue spay :D xxxxx

  13. Hayley Williams is gorgeous.I LOVE her 2 bits :)

    i tease my hair too but its always going flat no matter how much hair spray i put on.


    Hayley is just the best ;)

  14. I like this hair on her but not as much as her other styles I like the 4th one! But I love ALL her hairstyles don’t getvme wrong

  15. Woaaahhhhh i love her hair mine wont do that tho it just all comes out in a big clump ): but her hair is awsome GOO HALEYYY WOOO!!!

  16. if u were a 100% paramore fan, “Riot” then u wuldve nevr liked demi cuz shes a big old fake emo tryna be like hayley williams, oh and since ur a big fanatic, her name is HAYLEY not haley. :P

  17. I tried this out on my hair on Tuesday…surprisingly, it help up really well! I had to use a TON of Got 2 b styling pomade and super hold hairspray, but I backcombed my bangs a bit so they stood up straight on their own first. I have my hair cut in short layers all around my face, so it wasn’t hard! I looked like a cockatiel lol but a hard-rock auburn version :)

  18. They’re a bit weaird, and I would never do that to my hair cause I know it wouldn’t suit me.. but everything suits hayley rlly well xox <3

  19. these bangs are awesum. i got bored one day and tried to do my bangs like this. i got them looking like the ones in the 4th pic. not easy. but long live hayley willliams and her epic hair!!

  20. i <3 her hair, its amazingg! the red and yellow looks awessome xD

    i'd say get some short bangs cut in and use a little bit of strong hair gel to tease them up with then put a tiny bit of super-hold hairspray on top :-)

  21. Hair cement works the best. If you comb it out your bangs will still have texture. I have tried it and it works the best.

  22. @ anonymous: i can do that with my bangs. i tease them a little bit, so they stick up, then i put wax in them to get them to stay better :) but they definitely will go flat again eventually, no matter what, with anyones hair haha.

  23. How does she get her bangs to do that? What is the technique? Mine are similar and I can never figure it out….

    I love the last pic first row. First and last pic of second row.

  24. haha I just attempted to crest my bangs but then i realized they were too long haha

    i looked like alfalfa instead of Hayley

    what a sad day

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