Hayley Williams Cherry Red Hair

Hayley’s cherry red hair is similar to her Pressure red hair, but the color is much more saturated. This shade is very bright, but deeper than a Crayola-red.

This color first debuted at the Grammys, where Hayley also had bright red extentions. She had a slightly orangier shade in the music video for That’s What You Get. Hayley lightened her hair for the summer, but the cherry red color returned in fall.

Photos (click to enlarge)


  1. Martina says:

    this is the best color ever!
    i want my hair like this

  2. Caroline says:

    If you have brown hair and you want this color but you dont want to bleach it just dye it with cherry kool-aid. Simply look up directions on google its really simple and I have done it. It looks really good.

  3. Monica says:

    ALl you guys talking about manic panic are WRONG. I saw her interviewed at warped tour and she said that she uses Special Effects… But now the question is what shade of red???? I’m thinking either blood red, candy apple red or devlish…

  4. Melissa says:


    Manic Panic’s Vampire Red is just about as close as you can get to this color. I actually just dyed my hair with it yesterday, here’s a pic so you can decide whether or not you like it:


    Maintaining it efficiently would require you to wash much less frequently, I wash my hair every 3-4 days. If your hair gets oily fast, I would suggest investing in a dry shampoo for between washes, but baby powder is a decent alternative. When you wash, use as little shampoo as possible and make sure you rinse in COLD water. Try to avoid direct sunlight and if you have to expose your hair to the sun, use a product for colored hair beforehand that shields it.

    As for shampoo and conditioner, John Frieda’s Radiant Red works wonders.

  5. I'm Awesome. says:

    hahaha all these comments about students getting in trouble for dying their hair red are crazy! Like, blue or purple or something unnatural i’d understand, but red is a natural hair colour.. why would anyone get in trouble for friggin red hair, even if it is a lil bright? 0.o Adults need to chill the fuck sheeesh.

  6. sweet pea says:

    manic panic’s vampire red

  7. azraela says:

    the color looks almost spot on to manic panic’s vampire red

  8. Hannah says:

    I had my hair this color, but it got to where my stylist was charging ridiculose prices to color it. So, I just went back to brown. Now I really want to get my hair this color again.

    Does anyone know what Manic Panic color would come close to, or be almost exactly like this?

    How can I keep my hair color from washing out too much too? Any good shampoos and conditioners?


  9. Ayla says:

    I have my hair like this :D

    Hmmm I just did it with stargazer but i’ve been a redhead for quit some time now…

  10. Bree says:

    I luuuuuuuuv her hair!!!!!!!!it always looks amazing

  11. Adult Dating says:

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  12. Isabelle says:

    I just went to the hairdresser and dyed my hair a random color of red. Because it never looks as what it’s supposed to look like. And the color the closest to mine is the third pic from the left on the 1st row. MY HAIR LOOKS SO AWESOME! and her’s does too<3

  13. Jess says:

    I used smouldering red by Schwartzkopf, I left it on for a bit over 30 mins. And I have to say I am extremely happy with how it turned out, almost exactly similar to this.

  14. bianca says:

    were can i purchase that red hair dye other than the internet?

  15. bianca says:

    were can i purchase ur kind of hair dye other than the internet?

  16. Blubb says:

    I love it. <3

  17. paige taylor says:

    as soon as i saw her hair in the Decode video i knew right away “I WANT HER HAIR!” <3

  18. Anonymous says:

    uuuuuuuuuu unyuuuuu

  19. Diddaaaa says:

    i love ittttt.. i will color my hair to red.. im a huge fan of her… loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee itttttttttttttttttttt……………

  20. Jacey says:

    I love the one from the decode video. Her hair in that I want so much.

  21. parawhore says:

    Listen everyone! I just dyed my hair with Real Red XXL Live Colour by Schwartzkopf and it came out exactly like this. I used Passion Red before and it was way too dark and purple on my light brown hair! So I waited for it to fade and today I just put Real Red over it and it worked brilliantly! DO NOT use Passion Red if you have light brown or darker hair, it will go way too dark. Hope this helps you guys.

  22. Ellie Skulls says:

    I have to admit, Hayley with the longer hair looked like extensions. o:

  23. kissey pie says:


  24. Sinead Willis says:

    Hey, im dieing my hair with xxl red passion tomorrow and my hair is dark dark brown if not black. Will i have to bleach my hair first for it to come out or not?

  25. Emely says:

    Imma dye my hair Black not too Black juss a medium Black and underneath imma dye it

    Red like in tha pic (FIRST ROW, FIRST PICTURE) for my graduation. :)

    Any tips or suggestions! PLS WRITE BAC! :)

  26. Saoirse says:

    Oh and I just want to add that if your hair is past your shoulders you’ll need 2 boxes of dye. You can’t cover all your hair with one. :)

  27. Saoirse says:

    I just dyed my hair this colour. :D I used Schwarzkopf LIVE colour XXL in Passion Red because everyone here was recommending it :P and it came out a very similar colour to the 10th picture (maybe a little darker). I had lightish brown(with auburn/orangey hues from a previous dye) hair to start with. It came out well I think, even though I would like it a little lighter. :) Only thing I would say is it took forever to wash out, I eventually gave up because I couldn’t wait for the water to run clear lol, but it was mostly clear. And my hair was a bit dry before I put the conditioner in, quite a few strands of my hair(maybe 10) broke off in my hand, but overall it’s a great colour and dye and I recommend it. :D It leaves you hair smelling good, soft and shiny too.

  28. Madeline. says:

    I love this colour! It’s really, really nice! Especially in the very first picture and the 5th picture in the 2nd row.

    But, I don’t see why Hayley wore such off-coloured extensions?

  29. eihposbrandnewriot says:

    Im hopefully doing my hair this colour, and I’m planning to use L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Berry Red, has anyone used this one before?

    • SJgraf says:

      yeah, I did and it sucked! the color faded just in a week! but I´m not american, maybe your hair is different. my hair isnt thick but its not thin. idk. Now I use Henna for my orange hair and the best thing is: it doesnt fade that quick! If ya dont know what henna is: its a flowering plant that comes from the middle east. Its used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool. It doesnt damage your cause its only on the outside and not in the hair. if you´re (light,middle&dark) blonde it comes out orange. when youre hair´s brown it turns into a orangey-brown. sorry for my bad english >.<

  30. Casey says:

    I really loved Hayley’s hair at the woodys.. very rockabilly. her whole outfit was beautiful

  31. Dany says:

    Tomorrow I’ll go to my hairdresser to dye my hair like this (Now I have my hair like …. a faded color, a really faded orange. It’s almost light blonde but I have the orange residual from the previous dye job, it was a red-orange) and I don’t know, maybe I’ll try the haircut ’cause my tips are a little messed up.

    It’s a wonderful color for pale and medium skins, I have my skin most similar to hayley’s but I have no freckles (I want to have little freckles in my nose and cheekbones, but I haven’t been blessed with that (?)) and I had this hair color before and it was amazing.

    • Casey says:

      yea I had red hair for a while that faded into auburn then a light pinkish colour.. but yea the red bought out my green eyes and freckles on my nose :P

  32. hayhay says:

    I had my hair blonde till today that I dye it this red omg! I hope I don’t regret it and wanna go back blonde :-)

  33. ZombifiedZebra says:

    I love this color!

  34. Amy says:

    i want to go from black to red all over but dont no quite how to any suggestions ?? x

  35. Mariah says:

    I would love to have her hair color! maybe a tad bit darker. Any suggestions?

  36. Erin says:

    I am trying to figure out the exact color she has because i want to dye it!! Does anyone know?? Can you get it from a box and if so what brand and color??

  37. Hayley Campbell says:

    Hi im dying my hair red for red nose day the charity event and i was wonder does anyone know a could place to buy this shade of hair dye?

    like what make and what name its under thank you :)

  38. pattomore says:

    My favorite color she ever had.

  39. Aleeshaa says:

    My hair was this colour for 3 months and i’ve just recently dyed it black. but it was definatly the most amazing hair colour i’ve ever had!

  40. Yo says:

    I damn love this color! This was her best color, but her actual red orange is cute too… From what i know, almost all brands have this color or a pretty similar one

  41. Tegan Lover says:

    My personal favorite Hayley Williams picture EVER is the first row, sixth picture. She’s so cute, and the red suits her perfectly. Decode red, is what I call it. Not exactly a cherry red. More…I don’t know…it’s cute though. :)

  42. Leonie says:

    I’ve dyed my hair the same color (maybe a little bit more neonred) yesterday and i love it :D

    I think it’s also the color that hayley suits the most.

  43. Sophie says:

    This is my favourite of all the colours she has ever died her hair. I have bangs like hers in most of those pics, the side bangs. I love her hair wavy like in 5th pic 1st row xoxoxox

  44. Reggs says:

    I think she might have used Manic Panic dyes, but there are different kinds of red in the range :)

  45. AleeshaRiot says:

    My hair is this colour right now. just dyed it yesterday. i absolutely LOVE it!!

  46. Valentina says:

    La cuarta imagen de la segunda fila fue cuando estuvo en un concierto en Chile :) ! she’s so cuteeee !

  47. jessii says:

    omg!! LOVE!! this is my fav color of all time on hayley!! so hayley-esque <33

  48. milaaa :D says:

    How can i get this hair colour?!I think it looks amazing!In my opinion it’s the most fantastic colour Hayley ever had!Wonder when she will get it again.. :(

  49. shannon says:

    How do you get your hair that colour i love it:]

  50. katherine :) says:

    i full on love this colour – the colour i want to go !!!!!!!

  51. erin :D says:

    her best color!!! i wish she’d go back to this again :(

  52. Bellaaa says:

    This the best color for her. Her trademark color.

  53. Abby says:

    I love this color on Hayley. I think im gonna dye it this color. Hopefully soon :D

  54. hayley houda says:

    that’s what i’m talking about babe !!!!! red is so rock

  55. erjioeuty. says:

    This is my favourite hair colour on her, she looks amazing.

  56. Miz says:

    I think this is her best look.

  57. meheartscocoa says:

    I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS <3 i wonder if she'll ever go bak to this colour…

  58. Paraholic says:


    i have recently dyed my hair red, but it has turned out a little bit pink. i bleached it before i did so and then put the red on it, it turned out a really bright red similar to the 9th picture, maybe even lighter.

    but i wanted to get it like her hair in the 1st picture.

    could someone please help me.

    thank you

    • Alyssa says:

      what brand of hair dye did you use? also the next time you dye it, the instructions should say how long you should keep the dye on your hair if it is bleached or not and what color your hair is. that might also help because when i orignailly started dying my hair blue, i had to adjust the time a bit because i did not bleach my hair because i have blonde hair to start with. (i used splat and a friend of mine uses manic panic)

    • AleeshaRiot says:

      i used Schwarzkopf Brilliance in Smouldering Red

      it turned out very close to the first picture

  59. Somebodyyyyyyyy says:

    Love the 6th one on the top row from Decode and the 5th one one the 2nd row. =) I <3 the crazy side in her. When Im older and legally able to do wateva I want, this is wat my hair will look like! Oh yeah! Take THAT Board of Freakin Education!!!! =)

    • Kirsten says:


      • Alyssa says:

        i went to catholic school where a uniform was required, from pre-k to high school. and high school was an all girls school that you had to look presentable and lady like and follow the handbook to every letter. only when i was a sophomore was when colored nailpolish was allowed, which was a huge deal to all of us at the time. lol. also only there was so many jewlery/piercing rules i can not even count. when i got to college, my dad said you have to do something drastic, so we decided to dye my bottom layer of my hair blue, now i have purple and bleach blonde. :] i know exactly how you feel.

    • Callie Nichole says:

      also agreed

    • Aleeshaa says:

      My school doesn’t care. i have this colour hair, my friend has blue and black and there is one girl at my school who has blonde with red, purple and blue streaks. haha thats why i love small schools XD they dont care

  60. Sarahmarie says:

    Chloe , i used the live colour XXL and it worked out a treat :D ….. came out quite bright tbqh ….. a used the red scarlett at first but that was a little darker than the one a use now wich is red passion …. its great and i’ve had it in for nearly 4 weeks and it’s still kept its colour , well obviously it has dyed down a bot but it still looks pretty bright ….. from my point of view it was as bright as the 9th picture of hayley (:

    good luck

  61. rachh. says:

    her hair on the third picture looks freeking lush!

    thats how mine’s ment to be, butt noooo!

  62. Rika says:

    cause it looks so great on hayley i did it with my hair too !

    i’d loved her hair like that before and since i got the colour i love my hair too !


  63. Katt Harris says:

    @Lucy. That sucks. I have held my hair purple at the moment and my school doesn’t say anything about it. Hell, some teachers even think it is awesome and often have conversations with me about it. I live in freakin’ southern West Virginia but have the heart of a New Yorker.

    • hailey harmon says:

      Dude! i live in Southern WV too! I’ve been dying my hair red for about two years now and I’m doing this color next time i go to the salon. Congrats on being different!

  64. chloeeeeeee says:

    does anyone know what hair colour i’d have to use for that and if i could use any Schwarzkopf XXL hair dye to get it? (:

    • rachh. says:

      thats the one i used and my hair is slightly lighter than hers. :) its lastsa for quite a while to.

    • gracie says:

      Hey I use Schwarzkopf XXL ‘Passion Red’ and I have the exact same colour as hers :) you should try that one, it’s awesome! I did have blode hair before I dyed it but I’ve been dying it for a pretty long time now s and it’s still just as bright. Hope this helps! :)

    • gracie says:

      Hey I use Schwarzkopf XXL ‘Passion Red’ and I have the exact same colour as hers :) you should try that one, it’s awesome! I did have blonde hair before I dyed it but I’ve been dying it for a pretty long time now s and it’s still just as bright. Hope this helps! :)

    • Rainbowshannon says:

      I use XXL red passion, but instead of doing my whole head i do the whole red/orange thing with the red passion dye, as I say ala RIOT! lol, but the next shade lighter, “real red” may give you a better result if you have dark hair as I have Blonde, I also would say to use 2 dyes if you are doing your whole head as the more saturated your hair is the more vivid the colour, although the colour is quite hard to keep up and I have to dye my hair every 4-5 weeks, hope this helps xx

      • Hannah says:


        When I saw her hair in Decode it looked so beautiful I wanted to have the same, so we got Schwarzkopf Red Passion but it didn’t come out too bright (Given I did have quite dark hair naturally) so today we used Loreal Feria Spice Power and it came out brighter than all the pictures above, I’m so pleased with the result! And I have really really dark brown hair (my natural colour) so imagine how bright a colour you’d get if you had blonde hair!

        Hope this has been some use to someone, took a while for me to type this, most of it’s me babbling rubbish :L

        Hannah :)

  65. some1 says:

    im so gonna dye my hair like this wen im older!!!! <3 it!!

  66. emmy says:

    anyone else noticed she’s wearing her hair extensions in the decode video too?

  67. sophie says:

    one of my favourite hair colours for hayley. She looks stunning on pics 5, 9 and the last one xx

  68. melly says:

    does anyone know what brand of dye she used to get this color???

  69. emm says:

    last row 2nd pic her bangs look like they got botched

  70. emm says:

    @tails final riot hair, is the ginger hair

  71. Chloeeeeee says:

    the hair extensions are pretty bad for the Grammys. They dont match her red hair at all =/

  72. Olivia says:

    my hair is sort of this colour

    but a bit lighter.

    i lvoe it

    i used to have it a sort of purple colour (mine is naturally brunettey/almost black)

    so its a big change! . i didnt even have to use that much bleach. :D

  73. Lzz says:

    Hey im getting a colour close to this pretty soon, but à little more orangy. So like twyg colour. Do you think that’ll look good with orange in the fringe?

  74. bethybooification says:

    Woah my hair is EXACTLY like this!!

    Im really paranoid school will tell me of :/

  75. Weirdo says:

    Heyy guys, If any of you have dark hair and want to dye it redm try L’oreal Paris Colour Rays. I wanna dye my hair that colour and im gonna use that, I’ve heard its reeeaaallyy good :D

  76. emm says:

    oh god the septum piercing.

    hayley you’ve got guts, cuz i wouldn’t be able to get that, i’ll stick to my ears and my eyebrow

  77. Roxy says:

    It sucks that most schools make you change your hair colour back if its an un natural colour. my school used to be the same, but people started refusing and demanding them to buy them the dye to change it back if its such a problem, so they eventually gave up and were allowed to have whatever colours we want =P..

  78. Emily says:

    OKAY so just saying, my hair was pale blonde and I used SPLAT lucious raspberry, my hair is THE color of her extensions, with maybe just a slight pink hint to it. I loved it and would’ve kept my hair that color for a while, but stupid school made me change it:/

  79. Chesca says:

    My hair is virtually this exact colour, and I use Live colour XXL number 42 red passion as the base colour. When I’ve dyed it with this i then use Crazy Colour ‘fire’ on top. They both are roughly about £4 a bottle, and can be bought online :)

  80. Amyy-x says:

    schwartzkopf XXL live color in red passion?

    or you could try one of the many reds in the manic panic range?

  81. Amy says:

    someone please answer me if its not too much trouble =S

  82. MMMAAAISY ! says:

    Her eyes look AMAZING in the 2nd picture.

    Just saying.

    && this is my faaaavorite hair color she’s had.

  83. Amy says:

    i live in Australia, and i am going to dye my hair this colour (xD i convinced mum to let me) but i seriously don’t know what dyes to use or what colour dye. any help guys? thanks (:

  84. Calico says:

    My sister tried to dye it this color a few days ago…now she has like, clunps of red everywhere…fail. I dyed mine Black and Blonde and I have to admit, it looks pretty damn good!

  85. Emily says:

    I want my hair like the 9th picture, I am at a light blonde color right now and I want it that bright red. What kind of dye should I get?

  86. bbyred says:

    i love the cherry red..what color does she use??

  87. Hayley Lynn says:

    i love number six where she has the purple hat

  88. Roxy says:

    haha, thanks Rayne and Kirsten (:

  89. maria says:

    the color looks soo good on her

  90. maria says:

    thats the color my hair was supposed 2 b, but i have black hair, so it came out darker, & tht turned out 2 b good, cuz my skool said any more redder, and i’d b in trouble

  91. colors says:

    heres a pic from the decode set w/ her hair stylist brian


  92. Tessa says:

    yes if you use a colour what is really strong

  93. Helen says:

    I have mousy brown hair with red and blonde tones in it. Any way I could dye my hair like the decode hair without having to bleach it?

  94. Tessa says:

    yes i dyed my hair that colour,too. but all say i just do it because paramore and whats the problem with this befor my hair was blond and brown and i dye my hair after 2 month in an other colour….what is the problem when i love change?

  95. Rayne says:

    Hey Roxy, I think you should dye it if that’s what you want. Don’t worry about what other people think, they don’t own your hair. And if it turns out that you don’t like it you can always dye it back. But if you’re really not sure, try a temporary dye that washes out after a few showers.

  96. Kirsten says:

    For Roxy: I’m also pale like Hayley and you, when i dyed my hair this color it turned out just fine without bleaching it. Don’t worry about your eye color, it will turn out fine and won’t look weird :)

  97. Roxy says:

    it would help if someone answered my question btw…

  98. Roxy says:

    hey lol, um i wana dye my hair this colour, but i am really worried about whether it will suit me or not. im not too sure. im pale like hayley, and i have green eyes, but still i’m not sure. i don’t wana dye my hair, and think it looks bad, or be told it looks bad lol. any oppinions? and if so, any reccomendations on which dye to use? at the moment i have honey blonde hair, so i dont think id have to bleach it… k thnx

  99. Sabina says:

    Heey, i’m from Finland, so :P

  100. caroline says:


    ROFL, manic panic?!? no way dude. not a good idea to tell everybody that. it’s so overrated and it quite frankly sucks. Shaz, if you are going to dye your hair, get a GOOD dye, Special FX or Punky is good, as they are still semi-permanent. I don’t recommend N’Rage however….

  101. Lina says:

    It just is at some schools. But I live in Sweden, and there is’nt a single school in our country that have that kind of rules. I think it’s mostly Great Britain that have those rules. (Sorry if my English is a little wacko but as I said, I’m from Sweden)

  102. Sabina says:

    One question.. How can your schools say anything about your haircolour? :S

  103. Laura Reilly says:

    her hairs cool :) really suits her .. id my hair way reder and me principal loved it :D so did the teachers except when the sun shone in id light up like a chirstmas tree and sun glasses would be needed lol .. brown now :( but going back for school in sepetember :D …its real expenisve te keep thats the only down side ! but yeah i love my red hair XD

  104. Anonymous says:

    my hairss brighter than hers :)

    but i love her


  105. jhenne says:

    i have streaks in my the same colour as hayleys exstentions and from what ive noticed is that when you dye the it a second time in the same spot with a semi permanent dye it barely fades. the rest of my hair is brown and im debating whether or not to dye it cherry red or blonde :) suggestions?

  106. Meg says:

    I’m dying my hair this color wednesday with the color of the extensions in my bangs, can’t wait:P

  107. WeLuvParamore says:

    Sorry I spelled your name wrongly *Kirsten :P

  108. WeLuvParamore says:

    Ok, thank you so much Kristen! :D

  109. Kirsten says:

    Your welcome, to lighten black hair just go to a salon and ask. They’ll do it in no time! After that you can dye it and it will be red! =)

  110. WeLuvParamore says:

    Hey Kristen, thks for the suggestion but how do you lighten your hair? Sorry, because this is my first time :D

  111. Kirsten says:

    @WeLuvParamore: It will not turn out red. It will still be dark and you’ll only see red in bright sunlight. I suggest lighten you’re hair and then dye it ;)

  112. WeLuvParamore says:

    Hi I was thinking of dying my hair decode red but my natural hair colour is black. Would it make the red look darker? Do you have any suggestions ?

  113. Daniella says:

    I have REALLY REALLY Dark hair, and I used an XXL Live colour, hypnotic red, and it came up so good! didn;t have to bleach it or anything!!!

  114. Nicole says:

    I dyed my hair that color yesterday rck on reds :))))

  115. GemmaReeve says:

    I got my hair that colour and i have had it for 3/4 months…i use Schwarzkopf live XXL red passion 43….but i bleached my hair first….and it went a lovely red :)

  116. victoria/hayley says:

    2nd row 4th pic, 3rd row 1st pic, 2nd 2 last and very last r all my faves im gettin my hair like hers from the grammys

  117. FreyaJones says:

    Where can you get this colour? I’ve gone cherry red before but it wasn’t as bright and it washed out after a week.

  118. Kirsten says:

    I drew the 3rd pic in the first row. it looked alot like her! i hung it up on my wall near my bed and it looks kinda creepy at night… its like shes watching me while i sleep……

  119. Alylovesparamore says:


    oh well since you’re new at this i should tell you Hot Topic coloring SUCKS. don’t use it. Also, ‘COMB IN COLORS’ are only for 1 USE. which means once you wash your hair it’s gone immediately. You need a cherry red toner with no peroxide if you want to maintain your natural color, if not, you would need one WITH peroxide (peroxide is what keeps the color in). try and get high quality salon brand hair dye for maximum results.

  120. ~Maddy~ says:

    I wanted to temp. dye my hair this colour. I’m just 12 and still trying to find the right hair color, I found a cheap one at Hot Topic, http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Accessories/Cosmetics/HairDye/Color-Fiend-Cherry-Red-Temporary-Comb-In-Color-206476.jsp I’m tottally new to this, so any suggestions?? :)

  121. rhi says:

    3rd row, 3rd pic is my favourite. i love how her red looks. but she looks prettiest in the last pic.

  122. Kirsten says:

    Is this the color she used in the Ignorance video also? I had this color hair when i was in 5th grade i dyed it this color again right when i went to the dumbest skool in oregon, Hamlin Middle School. they didn’t allow this color until i came and found out i got called 2 the princapals office and he said ‘kirsten, i know ur new but we dont allow this color of hair or ur 2 lip rings.’ thank goodness i dont go there any more!! any way is it the same color?

  123. karla says:

    using loreal in magneta for dark colors leaves this kind of color

  124. Bailey says:

    Bleach. Then Manic Panic.

    thats how its done

  125. Jade says:

    just wondered do u wreckon this colour hair would look ok with light olive skin, i want to go this colour but im worried it would clash with my skintone

  126. Kirsten says:

    I tottaly luv it

  127. Biggi says:

    I dyed my hair this exact colour, and the next day at school I had to go see the prinicipal and he told me that if I didn’t get back to my old colour the next day, I’d have a afternoon detention.

    But i dind’t want my old hair colour so i have a afternoon detention the whole week…..teachers sucks…=/

  128. Angie says:

    i dyed my hair this colour, the school told me to dye it and i refused they haven’t said anything since <3

  129. Layla says:

    I LOVE this color. i wish i could dye my hair this color, but i don’t want to damage my hair and my hair is too dark brown anyway.times like this,i wish i was a blonde

  130. India says:

    I am in love with her hair here.Shes beautiful <3

  131. Amanda_ says:

    I accidentaly dyed my hair kinda like hers in the first foto yesterday..! It was supposed to have become Chestnut-brown with a little red in it, but insted it became very bright red!! And my hairdresser tried to save it by adding som more brown in it and now it kinda looks like that (the first picture)…It was strange at first, but now i kinda love it! :D

  132. Noelle says:

    I think her hair looks the best this color especially in the decode video :D

  133. Elle says:

    My hair is currently this color=]

  134. CoCo says:

    where would you get your hair colored if you wanted to dye your hair this color. because ever since the music video for decode, I have had my eye on this color for evers. and I was wondering where i would find this color and where would i get it done?

  135. Letii says:

    I would like to know if a red like this one would look good on me because you see i have a redish brown hair and im thinking of dying the buttom part of my hair cherry red but im not sure if it would look good?!?!?!

  136. Caroletty34 says:

    I would like to know if a red like this one would look good on me because you see i have a redish brown hair and im thinking of dying the buttom part of my hair cherry red but im not sure if it would look good?!?!?!

  137. Victoria says:

    im gunna get t like the 8th pic and get orange and yellow bangs and orange and yellow tips with it!!!!

  138. ember says:

    I bleached my hair and then dyed it vampire red to try and get the cherry red but it didn’t work. I want to know the brand name and specific color used to get that color!!! I can see what color is it, lol. Need to know specifics. Thanks

  139. sarah says:

    i love the hair but i dont like the bright red extensions i think they look tacky but the deep red hair looks awesome on her!!!

  140. Noxxie says:

    Hayley looks awesome like this and in 2nd row, 2nd pic it’s for the decode music video(which is AWESOME) and I’ve had my hair this colour, this style before but right now it’s short and purple. =-)

  141. Catherine says:

    Yea, my hair is somewhat red right now but I’m gunna dye it even redder this weekend ! xD But yeaa, i had my hair red/black a while agoo & then i dyed it back to all black & now im back to red/black and i couldnt be even more happierrr ! i love red hair <3 and hayley is my fucking idol which makes it even more awesomeeee !! (:

  142. Ellinor says:

    I’m probably going to dye my hair like this next week! :D

  143. Sarah says:

    Hehe, my hair is actually this color, but a tiny bit lighter. I must admit I didn’t even think about Hayley having something similar. I love her and her hair, but I’m a little afraid people will think I copied her. I was actually going for orange, but the store didn’t have any. Actually, people might have thought I copied her more if it were orange, but I guess I shouldn’t care xD

    Anyway, love, love, love this color on her, and pretty much every color! (wow… long winded!)

  144. Anonymous says:

    Hehe, my hair is actually this color, but a tiny bit lighter. I must admit I didn’t even think about Hayley having something similar. I love her and her hair, but I’m a little afraid people will think I copied her. I was actually going for orange, but the store didn’t have any. Actually, people might have thought I copied her more if it were orange, but I guess I shouldn’t care xD

    Anyway, love, love, love this color on her, and pretty much every color! (wow… long winded!)

  145. magda says:

    Just wanted to say I’ve found a solution between having a healthy hair and my favourite colours at the same time. I don’t know about states, but in my country it’s also really cheap. I’m having this colour thanks to henna, even though I have really dark natural hair colour I had no problem getting this :)

  146. sara says:


  147. lizz says:

    i was wondering if anyone of u guys can answer me this question.

    i was wondering what was the color she had on for her Decode music video?

    bcuz i just feel in luv wit that color n would lyk 2 dye it the same way

  148. Saoirse says:

    My mum and dad won’t let me use perm or semi perm hair dye! She said she will get me some orange and yellow hair sprays though, you know the ones that wash out after one wash. So i’m gonna have yellow and orange bangs with my light brown hair. My mum won’t let me do anything else with my hair color-wise until i’m 18!! I’m 13 now.

  149. manda says:

    i love her hair this color

  150. Micki says:

    What is a good dye to get this hair color??

  151. Phoebe says:

    it sucks, i only got this colour in streaks and my school made me change it too! wait til i leave, i will change my hair like this ! ALL OVER¬

  152. Annika says:

    I have decided that after my prom I’m going to color my hair red (like in the second photo)

    and cut it shorter.

    I am fighting with my self not to cut my bangs now because I’m growing them till prom because I want a different style bangs .

    I think it’s going to work out well (I really hope so)

  153. crysta says:


  154. Ellinor says:

    I really love this hair color and I think I´m going to dye it like this but if I go to a hairstylist, can they get it this bright? I don´t want to ruin my hair with bleech.. :S

  155. roberta says:

    i wanna know why teachers would get mad at you when you dye your hair red.

    i dyed mine red and noone got mad at me.

  156. Micki says:

    This is one of my favorite colors on her. It looks amazing. I’m getting my bangs cut like Hayley’s like the 1st, 2nd, and 6th photos in a few hours. :]

    I might dye my hair a similar color in a few months. Thanks to Hayley, I’ve become obsessed with all hair related things haha.

  157. Cassie says:

    First picture third row is exactly the color of my hair :)

  158. Gracie says:

    Omg I love her hair!!!! I wish mine was like that! I think her Grammy hair looked good! Our school freeeks out if u have ur hair dyed unatural except on homecoming

  159. Primrose says:

    my hair is like this atm it wasnt meant to i tried to get rid of some blonde and i put red thru it my is natural red and it went dark red but the blonde is now bright red like hers with the red extentions it looks pretty cool but it wont for long my bright red will peobs go pink haha :)

  160. Maddie says:

    i know this sounds stupid, but how do you bleach your hair ???

  161. Loren says:

    I love her color cherry red. I really want to die my hair like that but I dont know if i will look good in it.

  162. Becky says:

    My hair is this colour nd it had been for three years now.. I still love it!! i hope hayley goes back to this colour but she always looks good anyway :) xx

  163. asia says:

    so is she going to dye her hair back red?

  164. i love you and i love your hair hayley



  165. Kirsty' says:

    Dude, I Proper Love Her Hair, I Tried To Dye it this colour but my hair was too dark so it just kinda has a red hint. but im gonna see if my mum will let me bleach it and then go for either the Cherry Red or the Pressure Red :) xx

  166. Micki Mae says:

    I love this color on her hair!

    I’m going to dye my hair in a few days like Hayley’s when she was doing the interview on The Sauce. Maybe in February or March I’ll try the color 1st row, 2nd pic.

    Haha dying hair is so fun. :P

  167. Hayley says:

    oh godd…. the hair extensions were a mistake. they look really silly and you can tell they weren’t professionally done! but other than that. i love her hair this colour :) x

  168. Shaz says:

    This is my fave colour hair on Hayley it’s immense :) I was wondering whether anyone knew a good cherry red hair dye? I’m not worried about bleaching my hair though ;) The Divine Wine dye by Manic Panic looks close to Hayley’s shade. Has anyone tried it outand does it look the same? Thansk :) xx

  169. megun says:

    I had my hair exactly that colour (:

    and then i dyed it black & purple i love hayley shes so real unlike other girls.

  170. Emma says:

    i am going this colour in 2 days. my hair is dyed black, but im going to the salon to get it stripped, then dark red put in. i know my school doesn’t approve but i dont care, ive wanted it for soo long, i just HAVE to have it! i love you hayley <3

  171. Katie says:

    Hayley said on holiday chat that she’s going to dye her hair red again when she gets back home from tour =)

  172. Madds says:

    this was her best color

    it reminds me of the Final Riot tour :)

  173. Micki Mae says:

    Oh how I love this shade of red on Hayley. She should definitely dye her hair this color again. It’s stunning. :]

  174. roberta says:

    my hair is the same color as the third pic down second one in.


    totally by accident.

    i was hoping for just a little bit of red, but i got that. (:

  175. : ) says:

    1st row. 2nd pic.

    2nd row. 1st pic.

    3rd row. 4th pic.

    4th row. 4th pic.

    this is my favourite colour on her, alongside the “orange/brown” hair.

  176. lozza says:

    i would love my hair that colour but knowing my head teacher i would get excluded until i get it back 2 normal, its nit fair, my mum probaly wont let me either she ses “it’ll be ruinin yr hair, youll regret it”. I NEED HELP

  177. jules says:

    thanks everyone! i will try them

  178. ryannthegirl says:

    @jules i just saw your comment. :]

    i definitely follow the hayley rule to red hair. wash it only every other day with cold water.

    another thing that REALLY helps is if you get John Frieda (sp?) for REDS shampoo and conditioner. It helps me stay brighter red longer. :D

  179. ryannthegirl says:

    dude. i totally have this color hair right now. haha! It seems whenever I dye my hair red, each time it comes out a different shade of hayley red.

    and i honestly think this is one of the best colors on her. :]

  180. momo says:

    i luv her hair in the decode video its ace i want it

  181. aud. says:

    it depends what you use to wash your hair. if you use a good shampoo for colored hair, and wash it in cool water (or cold if you’re brave enough), the color should stay bold. also, dont wash it every day. hayley washes hers, then doesnt wash it the next day. wash your hair every 2 days, and your color will stay good and nice and bright :) hope this helps.

  182. jules says:

    my sister got red highlights 2 weeks ago and they are already fadding. I have a medium brown hair color, if i dye my hair a cherry red how long do i have before it fads? HELP ME!

  183. aud. says:

    her hats usually come from h&m and places like that. some are also just random ones she picks up places. i have this hair color, its top! i went into school with my hair bright orange, and everyone just looked like omg what have you done. i loved it but :)

  184. addie says:

    where does she get her hats?! i need some!

  185. addie says:

    i might die my hair yhis color or the red/orange/yellow!

  186. Primrose says:

    my hair is pretty much this colour atm it was a mistake… oops

  187. Christie says:

    Wow, that really sucks that some schools don’t let you gye your hair colors like this.. Haha mine doesn’t even care. There was this one girl that had pink hair, then purple, then bleached it! But they all looked awesome! And I love Haley’s hair with the extentions(:

  188. Holly. [: says:

    tammy.. i had this colour and had dark brown hair. didn’t bleach it once. if you keep dying it red it will eventually get like Hayley’s.. but if you want this and fast.. bleaching is the only way to do it. good luck!!

  189. Tammy says:

    Hey, I have light brown hair, its already dyed though, and I’m probably gonna dye my hair this colour, do you think it would still end up the exact same colour as Hayleys in the above pictures?

  190. Tails says:

    I deff think we need a Final Riot hair page!

  191. Sascha says:

    Any recommendations of hair dye to get this cherry red hair like Hayley? Especially the picture number 1, 3 and 11.

  192. Miss Jayla says:

    When I saw Hayley’s hair dyed like this I was so p.o. that my mom wouldn’t let me dye my hair the same color! It’s an awesome hair color and I finally convinced my mom the same so hopefully I’m dying it soon! I love shade of red on her!!!! (:

  193. Tara~ =] says:

    I don’t know exactly which dye she used to get that (but prolly manic panic or something), but I know the bright red at the ends of her hair are red extensions.

  194. wtf says:

    You could go to court with all of those schools,&i would. it’s a dumbass idea for them to think they can control our hair colors wtf?!

  195. hayley says:

    i dont like it dark red with bright red extensions!

  196. anni says:

    is this shade cold or warm?

  197. Hannah says:

    Dang well i had my hair that colour and me collage went mental at me :( so i went bright orange!! :P

  198. i had the 1 look at age 19 and it looks really good too and easy to mantain. too :)

  199. Vivianoh says:


    My hair was like the 9th picture, it was a bit to bright. So how would I be able to get my hair like the colour she has in the third picture at the Grammys?

  200. ilovejoshfarro says:

    wow that color suits her so well with her skin tone…

  201. janelle says:

    yes. use the dry shampoo. it will help to adsorb some of the grease from your hair. if you can’t buy actual hair powder spray than you can also use baby powder. it helps absorb some of the grease to.

  202. andie says:

    i asked my mum if i could have my hair dyed red for my birthday and she agreed…she even paid for it!

    my birthday was 2 and a half weeks before graduation…

    but our crappy school said that they wouldn’t let me march if i still had red hair during graduation…

    and so i dyed it black…

    BIGGEST mistake!

    i’m letting it fade now…it’s a dark brown with a red tint…

    my hair was never black to begin with…it’s a medium copper-ish sort of brown…

    i miss my red hair!

  203. Shaz says:

    Thanks so much janelle! I reely needed anoter way to get my hair cherry red since I’m not really old enough to bleach it cuz i’ll ruin my hair.ill ceck out manic panic! by the way, could i use dry shampoo, the stuff you spray in which refreses your hair instead of washing? Thanks again :)

  204. janelle says:

    for Shaz^ if you take care of your hair, it won’t get messed up. try to go about 4 -6 weeks in between each time you dye it. to keep your hair bright for that long can be a challenge, but it is possible. try to go about 3 days without washing it. wash it in cold water and use shampoo for color treated hair only. try to stay away from permanent dyes because those can be more damaging so try to go with semi permanent. try out some manic panic hair dye…their semi perm dyes are really good, come in tons of bright colors and they don’t damage your hair. if you want to achieve a really vibrant color you can use their flashlightning 30 bleach kit. yes, bleach can be very damaging but if you use the right products your hair will be fine. if you use a deep conditioner it will restore any proteins that was stripped from your hair from bleaching. i hope this helped. if you have any questions just ask :)

  205. Shaz says:

    My dad doesnt want me 2 dye my hair 2 brigt or anything, so wich cherry red can i get thats not 2 bright? Ughh my dads soo annoyin!!! (I am only 13 he dunt want my hair all crapped up) but i dont care lol

  206. @Jessica says:

    Well I had, a darker cherry red, when i dyed mine and attempted to go blonde-[dumbass idea]. But it ended up BRIGHT, so you COULD try that, if not look online for hair colors, if your local store doesn’t have any.

  207. Shannon says:

    I attempted to dye my hair this colour, but I can’t find any dyes bright enough, any reccomendations? :)

  208. Jessica says:

    my hair was red like this a while back. i went through all of her stages except for the purple. i don’t like that one very much.

  209. Halle says:

    Wow I love this color on Hayley! It’s my definite fave. I dyed my hair just like it, but now it’s faded and it’s lighter than this but darker than orange brown so it’s somewhere between. Rock on Hayley!

  210. spongggeeee says:

    i dyed my hair that color a while backkk.

  211. Bec says:

    Oh my god.. I dyed my hair this exact colour, and the next day at school I had to go see the prinicipal, and he spazzed! It was so funny.

    And he told me that if I didn’t get back to my old colour the next day, I’d have a afternoon detention.


    But then we got in this huge argument, and I got a whole week of afternoon detentions! :D

    Yay. :/

    But, I still haven’t dyed my hair back, and it’s been like, 2 months. :D

  212. Quila says:

    I love Hayleys hair!

    SO many people dyed their hair BRIGHT RED when Decode came out, It was like a massive FOLLOWING! :D

    My personal favourite is her “Miz Biz” look though. Getting mine dyed soon :)


  213. Maxine says:

    i meant

    4th row: 1st & 2nd!

  214. Maxine says:

    1st row: 2nd & 3rd

    3rd row: 1st & 2nd

    are my fave!

  215. jessica says:

    wow i hate her hair at the grammys. but love it every other time.

  216. Hailzzzz. i wood b mad if says:

    @lucy REALLY???? that sux! i’m sorry i wood b mad if my skool did dat… I sry

  217. Lucy says:

    yer i got my hair dyed this colour and my school sed if i dont sort it out i was gunna get excluded :/

  218. kynlee says:

    red suits her so well! wonder when she will do that again…

  219. megan says:

    there are no such thing as permanent bright colored dyes. Maybe profesional ones but at home bright dyes are only semi permanent or less.

  220. parawhore says:

    Yes there is. Schwartzkopf is a permanent dye and they do really bright colours.

  221. celeste says:

    actually even professional hair color is not permanent either when it comes to being that bright. dont matter what brand. Though what can prolong it at best is a clear coat on top. thats the best thing you can do by far.

  222. bianca says:

    were can i purchase the red hair dye other than the internet?

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