Hayley Williams Hair

Hayley Williams is known for her brightly colored hair. Hayley has tried many shades of red and orange over the years as well as other shades like hot pink, dark purple, and bleach blonde.

Here is a timeline of Hayley’s many hair colors. You can click on each picture to see more photos and learn more about that style.

Hayley Williams baby bangs
Red Baby Bangs

Spring 2012
Hayley Williams undercut

Winter 2011/2012
Hayley Williams red-orange hair

Winter 2010
Hayley Williams pink hair

Fall 2010
Hayley Williams glazed orange hair
Glazed Orange

Summer 2010
Hayley Williams cinnamon red hair
Cinnamon Red

Spring 2010
Hayley Williams short faded orange hair
Faded Orange

Winter – Spring 2010
Hayley Williams short bright orange hair
Bright Orange

Winter 2009 – 2010
Hayley Williams blue bangs on blonde hair
Blue Bangs

Fall 2009
Hayley Williams blonde hair
Bleach Blonde

Fall 2009
Hayley Williams solid orange hair
Solid Orange

Summer 2009
Hayley Williams yellow and orange hair
Yellow Bangs

Summer 2009
Hayley Williams dark purple hair

Winter 2008
Hayley Williams cherry red hair
Cherry Red

Spring & Fall 2008
Hayley Williams Final Riot hair

Summer 2008
Hayley Williams orange brown hair

Fall 2007 – Spring 2008
Hayley Williams red and yellow hair
Red & Yellow

Summer – Fall 2007
Hayley Williams yellow blonde hair
Yellow Blonde

Summer 2007
Hayley Williams orange hair
Bright Orange Bangs

Spring – Summer 2007
Hayley Williams yellow and orange hair
Yellow Bangs

Spring 2007
Hayley Williams auburn hair

2005 – 2006
Hayley Williams bright red hair
Pressure Red

2005 – 2006

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