Cassadee Pope’s Hair

Cassadee Pope started her career as the lead singer of West Palm Beach, FL pop-punk band Hey Monday with a spunky a-line bob. She has since grown her hair out much longer and experimented with different color highlights such as red and purple. Now a solo artist, her hair is currently brown with blonde highlights.

Long Blonde Highlights (Fall 2011)

In October 2011, Cassadee Pope lightened her highlights back to blonde.

Cassadee Pope hair

Red Highlights (Summer 2011)

Cassadee Pope’s hair is mid-back length. She accents her natural brown color with intense red highlights. She has thin streaks of her hair all the way up to her scalp dyed red as well as large portions of her under layers.

Purple Highlights (Spring 2011)

Cassadee Pope’s first foray into bright colors were the purple highlights that added in the winter of 2010. She has two long purple streaks on either side of her face which are mostly hidden, peaking out only at the tips, but become obvious when her top layers are pinned back. This color combo appears in the “Candles” music video, where she wears her hair in loose waves.

Blonde and Caramel Highlights (Summer – Fall 2010)

Cassadee Pope began growing her hair longer in 2010 and throughout Warped Tour her hair was just below shoulder length. She kept the bleach blonde chunks on the sides, but replaced the blonde in her bangs with a light caramel brown color. Her hair is cut evenly along the bottom, but has many chin-length layers.

Brown and Blonde A-Line haircut (2008-2010)

Cassadee Pope’s classic hairstyle is dark brown with blonde peek-a-boo highlights. The two blonde chunks on either side of her face are actually thick highlights which go all the way up to her scalp, but they are covered by shorter layers of dark brown hair and only peek out at the bottom. She also has blonde streaked through her bangs. Her hair is longer in the front than in the back, which is called an a-line haircut or asymmetrical bob. The back of her hair has many stacked layers to give it volume and a rounded appearance.

Cassadee explains how her hairdresser does this style: “She basically does the foils of the blonde underneath and then she does the rest – she mixes brown, black, and burgundy to get that kinda purple tint to it. She kinda razors my hair so it’s got some layers and she brings it up in the back so it’s got a nice angle to it. The streaks actually used to be on top and I got sick of it, so we were like ‘what can we do to change it up?’ and so she put them underneath.”

Cassadee Explains her Hair

her favorite hair styling products:

I use a Chi straightener and I use Sunsilk conditioner and shampoo and I use Aussie hairspray which is like my saving grace, I use that all the time – it gives you volume, doesn’t make your hair greasy or anything.

her natural hair color and texture:

My hair color naturally is brown. It used to be like golden-brown and then the older I got it kinda got a little more lighter.
My hair is not naturally straight. It’s a little wavy. Like when I get out of the shower and I don’t blow dry it it gets a little wavy, it’s not too curly or anything. But I still put an iron to it just in case it gets frizzy or whatever because being from Florida I am always really cautious about the humidity.

not being able to shower on tour:

I have such thin hair, that it tends to kinda come down a lot after a day, and it gets a little greasy after a day. So it kinda sucks some times not being able to take a shower every day. But I guess it’s better for you hair in the long run, washing your hair every day is really bad for it.

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  1. Ash says:

    Omg her hair is gorgeous. I run out of ideas on different ways to streak. I’m doin this. Who gives a shit if its copying. Lmao taking away from her individuality? There are millions of people in he world. Guaranteed someone else did this hairstyle even before she did it. Lol

  2. Courtney says:

    OMG i love her soooooo much and i am getting a hair cut so it looks like hers soon cant wait!

  3. Amie says:


  4. ILOVECASS says:

    Oyeah, Cassadee and Hayley are good friends. So why hate on cassadee or on hayley? they don’t even give a damn to each other. We have no right to hate on them. when they, themselves are very very good to each other. I love them both. And there’s no such thing as copying in them. Try to know better before you speak. HEY MONDAY AND PARAMORE ROCKS!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear Jessica,

    You should get your fact right before you go around talking shit. Hey Monday NEVER had 4 people, its always been 5 because Cassadee doesnt play the guitar. Cassadee and Hayley are really good friends too, so i dont see why it would even matter. Theyre nothing a like, Sierra Kusterbeck and Hayley Williams are more similar than they are. And Cassadee’s hair look nothing like Hayley’s, it never has… And you say she doesnt have a life, you at yourself….

  6. bekah says:

    Hate how that jessica biatch is trying to compare cassadee to hayley, if anything she needs to get a life instead of trolling on this site. Its not like cassadee is ever going to see this and even if she did she ouldnt care about what a nobody like her has to say.

  7. milicent says:

    wow! i really like your hair Cassadee. it rocks :) heheh. my hair was like that (that short one) but my hair is so thick. i look so damn ugly.

  8. alex says:

    i love this hair style and thanks for the tips to the hairstylists who commented ill definetly keep that in mind :) im thinking of geting my hair gut and dyed like this right befor school… not sure though

  9. AZ says:

    I cut and dye my own hair. I decided to do mine like cassadee’s hair and I LOVE the cut and color…but now, a year later, I’m trying to grow my hair out from this angled cut with choppy layers…and it is really haird to style in the middle stage. Just beware! If you plan on growing out your hair again soon after cutting it this way, maybe try a few less layers. Or try a longer version first. That way if you’re unsure, you don’t have to deal with the middle stage as long, and if you do like it, you can always cut it shorter :) baby steps girls! Remember, no matter how hard you try, you can’t force your hair to grow once it’s chopped off!

  10. Linda says:

    This is so strange – I got my hair cut like this today. I’m an older lady and asked the hairdresser for an edgy, short/medium cut that I could wear curly or straight. Her hair was cut similar to this and I liked hers. I have never heard of Cassadee Pope before I found this web page.. what is strange is that my maiden name is Pope. I’m not sure I like this style on me.. have to wait and work with it a few days first.

  11. Hallie says:

    I’m getting my hair cut like hers but im alittle scared cause my hair is long and i have to cut it short im afraid i wont like it on me. She looks amazing with her hair.

  12. Jenna B says:

    I love her hair! I was going to wait till after soccer season to get mine cut like that, but I can’t wait! Also, my long hair is uber boring and annoying. The blonde parts in her hair are going to be blue and purple, though.

  13. Emm says:

    @Maddie Seriously? They just released a new song. So explain to me how they don’t exist anymore?

  14. Maddie says:


  15. billay says:

    looks like my hair O.O

  16. iweenerr says:

    I love this haircut. Ima get it soon(: Thanks for the idea umm Cassede. Idk who you are but yea(: Aha.

  17. Anonymous says:

    My hair will be like this , (her shorter hair) on friday(:

  18. Sam says:

    This style is very trendy now and Cassadee did not personally invent this look, she merely has a well executed version. What is the difference of taking a picture of a celebrity or looking through a hair style magazine. No hair cut is designed by a stylist to only be on one person. There’s nothing wrong with looking to the media access of today to broaden your virtual “hair style guide” to be universal. (in response to Haile) It’s a hot style and this an excellent version with many different views available to assist a stylist (thanks to her fame) And yes…I am a stylist, can you tell?

  19. Alex says:

    Hey ummmmm I love her hair I want to do my hair like that but I’m afraid it won’t look nice on me

  20. Jerrica says:

    I got my hair cut like this, only not so bob-looking, and I love it. I have thin hair and it looks pretty great. Then I got some highlights that looked similar to Cassadee’s and I love it!
    And fyi, there is nothing wrong with wanting a hairstyle like a celebrities!! We have to have some kind of idea of what we want, so looking at celebrities is how lots of people get their hair cut! I dont even listen to Hey Monday, but does it matter that I want my hair like hers?? I’ve always been attracted to this kind of style, so to all the people thinking that we are ‘copy cats’ WE ARE NOT!

  21. alex says:

    i really like your hair!!!
    this summer my hair would be done like that!!1
    lov yah !!

    • Isabella animal lover says:

      Lol alex I love her hair style too! I wish mine could be done like that too! Oh we are going to be online friends.

  22. Brynn:) says:

    my hair is like this:) i love hey monday and cassadee pope with a burning passion. everyone loves my hair and no one really makes the connection until i say something. :) it give me unique self-expression and i love that. you can wear it a lot of ways too, and it doesnt take much work. straightening it, curling it, waving it, its all so easy. thank you cassadee pope for being awesome. :) ♥

  23. Hey Stephanie Again says:

    i got the haircut but it didnt come out that way at all the guy didnt even give me the bangs! so im getting it re done this friday!

  24. Jari says:

    She is nothing like Hayley, nor is her band. What next, are you going to say the same about VersaEmerge just because they have a female singer fronting a guy band? Ridiculous.

  25. Jo says:

    Why are people ALWAYS comparing Casadee with Hayley? Hello, they are TWO different girls. Also, how is Casadee copying off Hayley?

  26. B says:

    WTF Jessica, how is her hair anything like Hayley’s.
    I’m a fan of both Hayley and Cassadee, but seriously? Why hate on Cassadee, Hey Monday isn’t even anything like Paramore. SO what they both have girl singers and the rest of the band are guys? GTFO hater.

  27. Jessica says:

    i like you hair. But ur such a f**king copy off Paramore.
    Paramore came out with like 5 years ago with 4 people
    then you come out with a few years later with 4 people.
    Paramore soon has 5 people
    then you do.
    I have posed 3 polles asking ” do you think hey monday is a copy of Paramore.” 85 percent answered yes.
    u have “cazy” hair like Hayley Williams.
    get a life.

    • Miss Pushover says:

      This is not ok. On so many levels. 1. If you don’t like her why are you reading an article about her hair? 2. Just because they are in the same genre doesn’t mean they are the same. 3. Lots of bands have lead female singers and males in other positions so if that’s your point you’re just stupid. 4. *I *of *had *did *polls *Hey Monday *you *Get 5. Learn proper grammar 6. It’s funny that you, some random teen spending her time looking at celebrity hair styles on the Internet, is telling Cassadee Pope, an accomplished singer/songwriter and winner of The Voice, to get a life. 7. A lot of people who say stuff like that have never really listened to many Hey Monday songs or payed attention to the lyrics. I realize this is coming four years later, but that shows something, doesn’t it? That there are still passionate fans four years later, when Hey Monday has long broken up? All I’m saying is: if you’re going to hate on someone, have your facts straight. And for God’s sake, LEARN HOW TO WRITE PROPER ENGLISH.

      • Miss Pushover says:

        Oh sorry, there were so many spelling errors I missed some. See if you can find them yourself. Sorry to seem like a biatch, but really…

  28. Linz says:

    Who says everyone is trying to “steal” her hair cuz shes cassadee pope? I got my hair done very similar to hers (thats why i was on this site, to see how close mine came out), but not because I wanna be like her. I just this she has amazing hair and wanted something different. Not saying theres anything wrong with her, I love hey monday, but I wouldnt do something a celebrity does, just because he/she is a celebrity. lol. dont read too into things. like really? lol

  29. Delaney says:

    If people want to ‘steal’ her hair, then they should go right ahead. There are billions of people in the world, indivuality does not exhist in the sense that only ONE person can have that hair. lol. If its cute, go for it. Sincerest form of flattery is imitation.

  30. lovinlife667 says:

    i didnt even notice i was getting my hair like hers till i went looking for a pic to show the hairdresser for when i get it done ! i was like omg she has almost exactly what i want!!!!! and then i was like wait i know who she is and then i started laughing!!! cant wait to get my hair done!

  31. Haile says:

    Why does everyone want to be a copy cat of cassadee? I’m not sayin that its not a good thing to have an idol ;however the piont of her haircut (supossedly) is to creat induvidality. If you get your hair done the same way then your taking away her induvidality. Plus the fact that, well, what if she decides to shave her head until she’s bald? What would you do then? Would you continue to do what she does? keep your life in your hands and only yours! You never know when someone may try to take hold of you life for you. :) (:

  32. maya says:

    i really like the fifth picture because from the side you can see the front and back of her hair.getting my hair like that later this week!hope it turns out rite!

  33. Kelsea says:

    i just got my hair done like hers last week and it came out AMAZING!! i went from long wavy hair to the middle of my back to this and im lovin it. Everyone absolutley adores it as well and im very happy. thank you cassadee for having amazing style and music

  34. Rachel says:

    Super psyched. Getting my hair done like Cassadee’s next week. Except I’m getting ginger highlights instead of blonde ones. Luckily, I have a hair stylist in the family, so it’ll probably come out okay. :D

  35. Talurr says:

    i’ve had my hair done like that perfectly, it went well :)
    it really suited me, aswell ^^

  36. caitlin says:

    im getting my hair done like that today… hope it comes out right :)

  37. Stephanie says:

    Your music is amazing I have really long hair and im gonna cut it this way because i got bored of the long hair loving your haiir cassadee

  38. Hannah says:


  39. xylem says:

    i love hey monday im youre number 1 fan promise luv ya

  40. Courtney says:

    i love her hair!!!!!!!!! the style for the Beneath It All album is one of my favorites!!!!! =D

  41. Michaela says:

    I’m getting my hair done like that monday! Can’t wait! Oh and..Cassadee you’re amazing I love Hey Monday’s music! I was at Warped Tour in Minnesota and you guys were great!

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