Florence Welch Style

Florence Welch and tattoo artist Miso have matching “V” tattoos on the outsides of their pinkie fingers as a tribute to artist Vali Myers, who died in 2003. Miso did Florence’s tattoo for her in July 2015. Based on the photos, it seems like Miso already had her version of the tattoo a while before. (more…)

This design of two triangles which is tattooed on Florence Welch’s left middle finger knuckle is also the logo for her album How Big How Blue How Beautiful and has appeared on the album art for a few different singles and remixes. The triangles symbolize two of the four basic elements in alchemy.  The upright triangle with a line through it represents air, while the upside-down triangle represents water. (more…)

Florence Welch has a tattoo on her left middle finger of her younger sister’s name “Grace” and a heart.  Artist Minka Sicklinger gave her the tattoo in July 2013.

On August 8, 2016 — which was Florence’s 30th birthday — her sister Grace gave birth to a daughter. Florence shared a picture of her “Grace” tattoo on instagram and wrote “Congratulations to my beautiful little sister, @gracie_welch_ and@danielclove Bonnie Harriet Sybil Willis 28.08.16. Welcome to the world, I am honoured to share a birthday with you ..”


Florence Welch has a birdcage tattoo on the knuckle of her right middle finger.  She collected birdcages as a child. “I got it done in Austin, Texas, at the Black Cat Tattoo parlour, where I got my first tattoo of a heart and a bird,” she told GQ. “I got it done at 2am by some massive guy with flame tattoos on his skull called Animal. It was a proper tattoo experience but it hurt so much.”

Fans who want to recreate the look without the commitment can buy a birdcage ring inspired by this tattoo from Florence’s jewelry line Flotique.