Debby Ryan Tattoos

Debby Ryan has had at least 4 known tattoos:

  1. alien on her wrist (covered-up)
  2. square on her finger
  3. "V" on her finger
  4. dagger on her wrist

Debby Ryan got a hand-poked tattoo of a dagger on her left wrist during a late night tattoo session in January 2017. This designs sits on top of the old alien on her wrist, which was already very faded since stick-and-pokes don’t usually last as long as machine tattoos. Her tattooer Julia Laufer aka know_dice describes it as a “semi-cover up.”


    Debby Ryan has a tiny letter “V” tattoo on the underside of her finger which stands for “Visitors.” She explained its meaning on her instagram:

    V I S I T O R S — Nothing is ours and everyone is visiting. Some people stay a while. Some are just passing through your life. Some stay as long as they’ll stay anywhere. It’s important for us to be super careful of the souvenirs they leave with and that they leave in us. My buddy and I tattooed this V on my right ring finger and his left thumb-knuckle so that every handshake reminds me I’m visiting and greeting a visitor.


    Debby Ryan had this little stick-and-poke alien tattoo for about two years. She first showed off the alien on the inside of her left wrist in January 2015 and then in January 2017 she covered it up with a new design. In response to a question about her tattoo on tumblr, she quoted “If I find in myself a desire which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only explanation must be that I was made for another world.” by author CS Lewis.

    She was very much into “out of this world” extraterrestrial vibes at the time that she got the tattoo — but so was her ex-boyfriend. She has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with Twenty One Pilots drummer Josh Dun, who sometimes wears an alien mask on stage. The tattoo is not specifically about him and it seems like they were actually broken up when she got it. But the connection to Josh might explain why she wanted to get rid of the faded inking rather than redo it.