Blac Chyna Tattoos

Blac Chyna showed off this “FUCK” tattoo in January 2018. The expletive inking is on the left side of her ribcage, just below her armpit.

We’re not sure why she got this tattoo, and we have a feeling it’ll pose a problem when her two children start learning how to read. Chyna has already hidden other regrettable tatts with both cover-up tattoos and laser removal. We have to wonder whether this one will be the next.


Blac Chyna already had a tiny tattoo of her son King’s name, but now that she has two children she decided to get both of their names in large script letters on the sides of her hands. She gave birth to Dream Renée Kardashian, her daughter with ex-fiance Rob Kardashian, on November 10, 2016 and got the tattoos in December 2017 shortly after Dream’s first birthday.

The tattoo serves another purpose as well — Dream’s name sits atop the remains of her ex Future’s name, which she had tattooed back in October 2015. They had only been dating for about a month when she got the regrettable tattoo on a whim. She’s already had laser tattoo removal to lighten the old inking, but it can still be seen faintly underneath the new tattoo.


Blac Chyna has a tattoo inside her right elbow which says “Stevenson” in red ink.

Stevenson is the last name of both her first child King Cairo Stevenson and her ex Tyga, whose full name is Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson.  Since she hasn’t removed the tattoo, we assume it’s meant to pay tribute to her son rather than her baby-daddy. She has two tattoos of King’s first name as well.


Blac Chyna has a red ink geometric tribal tattoo on her left hand which was done by artist D’Mon Meuli. It has a triangular shape spanning from the side of her wrist to her thumb and forefinger. At the base of her index finger is the name “King” for King Cairo Stevenson, her son with ex-fiancé Tyga. She gave birth to King — her first child — on October 16, 2012 and got this tattoo only a few weeks later on November 19, 2012.