Bella Thorne Tattoos

Bella Thorne honors both her wild side and her inner feline with this “WILD KITTY” tattoo across the backs of both her calves. “self-explanatory 😻” she wrote on her instagram. She visited artist Daniel Winter in September 2016.  This was her seventh tattoo overall and her fifth in a row to be done by Winter. (more…)

Cat-lover Bella Thorne got this tattoo of a cat’s whiskers and nose on her right index finger in May 2016, at the same time as the heart on the palm of the same hand. This is her second cat-related tattoo, following the cat behind her ear which was her first tattoo.

    Bella Thorne got this outline of a heart on the palm of her right hand in May 2016.  It’s a matching tattoo with her hairstylist and makeup artist Tonya Brewer. She returned to artist Daniel Winter, who had previously done a similar heart tattoo on her chest. “In love with my little matching tat❤️ thanks @winter_stone for keeping it simple for me :)” she wrote on instagram. (more…)

    Bella Thorne got this little outline of a heart on the left side of her chest from artist Daniel Winter in March 2016.  It is carefully placed next to a freckle.

    The tattoo symbolizes love, acceptance, and happiness according to her Instagram. “Love my little baby tat :) follow @winter_stone to see the coolest tats!!! #heart #love #acceptance #happiness #thankfulthursday #mini #tattoo #springbreak2016,” she wrote. (more…)

    Bella Thorne and her best friend Bella Pendergast commemorated their friendship with matching wrist tattoos.  They chose “B²” for “Bella Squared” because they share the name Bella.  Artist Daniel Winter did the tattoos in March 2016.

    “B² with my love bug @bellapendergast #besties,” Bella Thorne wrote on instagram.


    Bella Thorne celebrated her older sister Dani Thorne‘s 23rd birthday by getting matching tattoos and new ear piercings at Body Electric Tattoo in Los Angeles on January 20, 2016. Bella’s tattoo — which is her second — is of a crescent moon and two stars on her ankle while Dani’s is a planet in the same location. (more…)