Amanda Steele Hair

Amanda Steele posted a Youtube makeup tutorial on November 12, 2015 were she appears wearing medium length silver hair.
“Samuel did my makeup for the VMA’s and I loved it! He nails the full glam looks and thought it would be cool to show you guys how to do it! (I am also gonna watch this video over and over to try to learn it lol!)”, she commented on the video.

Amanda Steele revealed to her viewers how she got the perfect look for Coachella festival on a Youtube video posted on 19 apr. 2016. For her hair she did a small variation of the classic half-up half-down by adding a little french braid pompadour ending in a bun.
“Even though this look is crazy and I would only wear to a festival, I can take little inspirations from it and add it to my everyday look”, Amanda explained before starting the video.