Alexis Ren Tattoos

Alexis Ren got this planet Saturn tattoo behind her ear to cover up the ace of spade that she had for her little brother Ace, which was one of her first tattoos.  It was more a of move than a removal since she got a new spade tattoo on her knuckle, identical to the first but in a place where she can see it. Rather than have two of the same tattoo, she transformed the old one into something new.

“I love talking about technology and science. Some of my role models include Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson,” she said in a youtube video. Planets and space are fascinating to her, in particular she is taken with how small our lives are in the scale of the universe. “It’s unfathomable how big our galaxy is, and for us to be on this pale blue dot today, is a gift we need to celebrate more,” she wrote.

Alexis Ren got the word “Duality” tattooed on the inside of her right foot during a trip to Barcelona, Spain in July 2017.  She visited artist Ese Black at LTW Tattoo for the simple inking and documented the process on her instagram stories.

She wrote about duality in an Earth Day post a few months before getting the tattoo:

You are a direct expression of the whole of the universe as it currently is; you (as everything else) is a brief movement in the dance of nature. You do not exist independent of the perceived outside; outside and inside are two sides of the same coin. (Duality)


Alexis Ren got this little tattoo of a music note on her ring finger in March 2018. It was one of three tattoos that she got in one sitting with artist Romeo Lacoste. “I go from not wanting anymore tattoos to getting 3 in 1 night,” she tweeted.

“My music is my diary.  My music taste changes to how I grow,” she said in a video.

Alexis Ren got this rose tattoo on the left side of her rib cage in May 2017.  It is a tribute to her older sister Amber Glabach, whose middle name is Rose.  Tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste wrote:

Had @alexisren stop by last night for one of my signature mini roses. One thing that people can count on is that my tattoos will always heal looking perfect. The detail and highlights always heal flawless. Many artist can make a tattoo look good when it’s done for Instagram, but not many can make a tattoo hold it’s detail or keep it from fading. Thanks for trusting in the Line God.


Alexis Ren already had an “ace of spades” tattoo behind her ear, but she added another spade logo ♤ in a more prominent location on her middle finger knuckle.

Both tattoos pay tribute to her little brother Ace, who is the baby of the family and is much younger than Alexis.

Rather than have the same tattoo in two places, she covered up the original spade behind her ear with a planet design.