Hayley Williams: ‘Still Into You’ Pink Latex Dress

Hayley Williams: 'Still Into You' Pink Latex Dress

screen capture from Paramore’s “Still Into You” music video – youtube

We already identified most of Hayley Williams’ clothes in Paramore’s “Still Into You” music video before it even aired, but her shiny pink dress had us stumped. So we wrote to the video’s stylist Elizabeth Barrois who gave us the scoop.

Hayley wears a Latex Swing Dress in Rose Pink ($243.00) from Syren Latex, whose dresses are a favorite of Katy Perry’s. You can buy just a skirt ($112.00) for about half the price, or get a similar look on a budget with the Nylon Tricot Figure Skater Dress ($48.00) in Coral Ice from American Apparel.



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  1. So I am dressing up as Hayley for their concert and I CANNOT find that Topshop belt anywhere! It’s the only item I am missing (well, besides the wig, which I am currently attempting to sharpie-wig a white wig myself)….any one know where I can buy one? It’s sold out on Topshop’s website, and I can’t find it on eBay either. Bah. >__<; I may just need to get a wide black belt and attach hinges somehow.

  2. do you know where she got her belt from or a similar one i can find? and she’s wearing white dr. marten boots right?

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