Hayley Williams: Cat Pizza T-Shirt

Hayley Williams: Cat Pizza T-Shirt

Paramore live at The Garage in London on April 5, 2013 – photo: Ian Collins for Kerrang

At last night’s concert in London, Hayley Williams wore a cut-up cat pizza t-shirt from the band Candy Hearts who are good friends of hers. It’s a current merch item but it isn’t available online at the moment, though the band has promised to post it soon. You can get a similar look with Hot Topic’s Cat Pizza T-Shirt ($15.38) which has been worn by Melanie Martinez.

She also wears her Betsey Johnson Dr Betsey & Mrs. Hyde Multi Color Tights ($28.99), which were part of a much crazier outfit a few weeks ago, but I think they look better here. You can buy similar Mineral Wash Denim Shorts from Forever 21 ($19.80).

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