Taylor Momsen: Motorhead Tee & Hoodie

left: at Fuse studios, right: out in Montreal

Taylor Momsen recently wore two pieces of merch from British metal band Motörhead. On March 2nd, she wore a Motörhead t-shirt backstage at Fuse studios in New York City with a Velvet Underground Hoodie, Pleaser boots, and Sex Trash garter. She bundled up in the cold weather with a Motörhead hoodie and ripped black jeans on February 27th in Montreal, where she and her band The Pretty Reckless were photographed outside of their concert.

Both pieces seem to be current tour merch. The t-shirt has the Roman numerals MMXI which is 2011, and the hoodie has XXXVI in celebration of the band’s 36th anniversary (they formed in 1975). You can buy similar merch with Motörhead’s classic war pig logo without the dates.

Hoodie – $39.99, Mens tee – $22.99, Girls tee – $22.99
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  1. stop publishing fucking amazing band shirts to fashion cunts who only year to look rock n roll even if they dont even know the REAL FUCKING MUSIC. stop it, have you ever seen a christian wearing a jewish shirt or whatever ? its pissing me off, fuck those posers !

    • Nah. The Motorhead TOUR stuff in combination with being photographed at the convert buys a hell of a lot of points though. I have the XXXVI hoodie myself…though I’m not cool, so who knows how that evens out.

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